3 Responses to Heat rises on Central banks to fix global economic problems

  1. David says:

    Wait a minute, aren’t they the ones the screwed it up in the first place? Yep….


  2. You know, I can remember “way back” in the 80s when the stock market broke the 1,000 mark and it was big news. Now, it’s up around 13,000 and the financiers start freaking when it dips into the 12,000 range. It seems to me that is just one more indicator that the economy here and abroad has grown to the point where all it can do is collapse.


  3. streams13 says:

    My 17 year old: How can they fix a debt problem by taking on more debt?

    I am wondering how a junior in high school can see that something is wrong with this picture and leading global economists can’t figure it out.


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