Kirishima volcano in Kyushu, Japan on high alert level

July 30, 2012 JAPANAs our colleague Marc Szlegat reported on Vulkane.Net, the alert level of the Japanese Kirishima volcano (Kirishimayama) was raised last month “orange.” This is the third out of 4 warning levels and means that an eruption could occur any time. Last year in March, the Shinmoedake crater of the complex volcano Kirishima had a violent eruption that make the headlines. The volcano is located close to the other volcano currently on orange alert in Kyushu, Sakura-jima, which last week had a stronger explosion that caused ashfall in the nearby city of Kagoshima. –Volcano Discovery
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1 Response to Kirishima volcano in Kyushu, Japan on high alert level

  1. Unfortunately for Japan, it is built on one of the most geologically vulnerable places on earth. Between increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity, I am glad that I’m not there right now. My heart goes out to the people of Japan.


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