Strombolian activity and lava flows reported at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano

July 28, 2012GUATEMALAWeak but frequent explosions occur at Fuego volcano in Guatemala. On 25-26 July, they were producing gray ash columns reaching heights of 300 m to 600 m, and drifting up to 12 km west, northwest and southwest.  The explosions ejected incandescent material to heights of 100 to 150 m above the crater and generated weak avalanches on the upper crater flanks with rumbling and jetting sounds. Weak glow is seen at the crater at night. The lava flow toward Taniluyá canyon reaches 400 meters in length. A new lava flow is active toward Ceniza (‘ash’) Canyon and has reached 200 m length, and from both flows, glowing lava blocks roll down the flanks and reach the vegetation. A third lava flow was observed in the direction of the Lajas Canyon with a length of 600 m. Weak avalanches from the summit area were directed toward Canyon Santa Teresa and reached about 300 m distance and lifted up light ash clouds. –Volcano Discovery
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3 Responses to Strombolian activity and lava flows reported at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano

  1. davidgreybeard says:

    You know, as dangerous as these rascals are, I love watching them in action as long as people are safe. Volcanoes are such expressions of the fact that our so-called “control” of nature is illusory at best.


    • Lilly says:

      I agree with you David.
      Many humans would love to credit themselves with control over this planet, in varying degrees, but ultimately we are at nature’s mercy. Also, nature’s beauty and power is insurmountable.


  2. Darren says:



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