8 Responses to Growth in U.S. slows as consumers restrain spending

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Watch out….Any time expert economists tell of recovery beginning it often means some other disaster already in the process is about to break loose.


  2. Sam Beckett says:

    I am proud to state, I am one of those that has cut back, way back on consumer spending. Though, there are many things I want to buy, I refuse. I refuse as long as those in power (corporations, banks, & so on) pay us low wages. One of my two jobs is a bank teller…and I only get $8.50 a hour…it is not a huge bank but it does have over 30 branches here in Californis. Inflation has jumped 100% or more on many consumer goods, groceries & so on in the past 4 years…yet our wages do not go up. There are things I used to enjoy doing, going to the movies, a baseball game, theme park, going to the coast, & so on…it has been over 2 years since I have done any of that. I am ranting, I know, just good to vent on my frustration on this. This is their own fault for putting I & others in this position & until itchanges..I just buy what I need, pay bills, gas, groceries, etc…& put the rest away into savings each check! This is my line in the sand & I shall NOT move!!


    • Dennis E. says:

      you can rant Sam, you can rant, it is permissible here. we all do it……..and don’t cross that line………..


    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Good for you Sam! It is the same situation here in New Jersey…Corporate America will blame it on competition…well, I don’t ” buy” that either… I used to think it might be good to spend what I have in that at least some of the money will go to my neighbors via the businesses that they work for but of course most of the money I spend goes to China.. or at least it used to.. Now it just pays the basic necessities here and our government is salivating and foaming at the mouth trying to raise that cost through ” global warming ” nonsense, and other legislations…like more taxes.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I think It is worst than what has been posted here.
    We need relief from Washington.
    Next year this time food will probably cost double than what it is now and people are going to buy food before that new cell phone or ipad, I hope.


    • Sam Beckett says:

      I want an IPad, they are really neat…I have the money to buy one but I will not buy it. I do have an iPhone, I only paid $50 for it, brand new…may be the 2nd iPhone that came out but I love it & do not need any of the 3 that came out after. *sigh* there are many things I want to buy, to do…can buy it, can do it…but I refuse. I still treat myself to things like Netflix, get a movie from RedBox once in a while, & treats to go with my movie…but that is my pinnacle for entertainment…haha, sad…but I am just going to save & save…& contribute as little as I can to the economy


  4. Carla B. says:

    Good on you Sam ! I would store up on food instead of putting money in the bank though. Keep safe.


  5. sKeptical citizen says:

    All goverment spending is a Tax. Its a tax that can only be paid by the producers, On in the case of money the goverment borrowed & spends a Tax on the futures producers


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