Geyser may be coming back to life on New Zealand’s North Island after 43 years

July 28, 2012NEW ZEALAND A long forgotten geothermal spectacle on New Zealand’s North Island could be coming back to life after more than 40 years, scientists said. In the first half of the 20th century the Waikite Geyser in the Whakarewarewa geothermal area near Rotorua was known for its spectacular hot water eruptions reaching up to 65 feet but had not produced a significant eruption since 1969, the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences said. However, in the past year scientists have increasingly noticed geothermal waters coming into the throat of the geyser, a major tourist attraction, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported. Geothermal features like geysers can be naturally variable and stay dormant for years, GNS geothermal scientist Ed Mroczek said in a statement. “This makes it difficult to distinguish what is part of a natural cycle and what is disruption caused by human activity,” he said. Scientists say they believe a sharp increase in the number of bores drilled in Rotorua since the 1950s by homeowners and businesses seeking cheap energy caused underground pressures to drop. But new research at Whakarewarewa suggests pressure has increased and water from deeper in the earth was being pushed toward the surface, scientists said. “We have no way of knowing if Waikite will recover to its former magnificence, but the signs we are seeing are very encouraging,” Mroczek said. –Terra Daily
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5 Responses to Geyser may be coming back to life on New Zealand’s North Island after 43 years

  1. James says:

    That is interesting


  2. davidgreybeard says:

    This is quite interesting when you compare this to the recent reactivation of geyser’s in America’s Yellowstone Nat’l. Park. It seems that North America is not the only place where the subterranean pressure has risen.


  3. Hope says:

    I remember seeing this geyser as a child, it was qutie spectacular, and I remember feeling the spray form it as it shot high into the air. Is a very expensive place to visit now, and in the wrong Island anyway, so I don’t see myself getting a second look. Wonder if it has any significance


  4. Shepherd says:

    Both quakes and volcanic activity are greatly increasing globally the past year or so. I have watched since 1967. The 4 horsemen of Revelation are riding.


  5. windnwheels says:

    As the land masses continually shift then surely the flow of such dynamic occurrences must shift as well, time and place and intensity…


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