US Air Force claims to be source of mysterious cloud rings seen in skies over Hawaii

July 27, 2012HONOLULU – Hawaii News Now’s Facebook page was flooded Thursday afternoon with photos of mysterious looking clouds. The ‘rings’ were spotted above Oahu, Maui and Lanai. They looked like the common contrail or vapor trail that forms behind aircraft; however these ‘trails’ were circular and do not match the normal Hawaii flight patterns. Some wondered if they were part of the RIMPAC exercises or even a UFO? Here is the official statement from RIMPAC: “RIMPAC’s Air Forces had a NATO AWACS aircraft flying south of Oahu, in a circular pattern; at about 29,000 feet today during the time those contrails were visible. The AWACS was controlling RIMPAC assets exercising further away from the island.” –HNN
contribution Shelley
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20 Responses to US Air Force claims to be source of mysterious cloud rings seen in skies over Hawaii

  1. Richard says:

    The only problem with the explanation is that the so called contrail does not start forming until it just begins the circular pattern. No other contrails appear in the picture anywhere. What they are saying is that the humidity percentage to form lasting contrails was only located in that circular area. Judging from the shape of the clouds in the background, the humidity in the area appears to be below the threshold for contrails to form and stick around. NASA published a paper on the conditions that are required for contrails to form and not dissipate. I would bet that if looked at the humidity levels and the barometric pressure at that altitude for that day, I would bet that the findings would be that there is not sufficient moisture in the air for these types of contrails to form. I little little doubt that these are chemtrails.


    • Jason P says:

      The “clouds in the background” are mid and low-level clouds…not at FL290. Moisture profiles/characteristics vary significantly between the low, middle and upper levels of the troposphere. Apples and oranges. Next!


  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Actually what really happened was the GPS navigational system had a hiccup..reports of audio to the pilots is reported to have been something like this…[ woman’s voice ]— in 3.63 miles turn LEFT..Continue to turn LEFT until you reach ISLAND then turn LEFT again….” ;>


  3. James says:

    It is probably poison they are spraying on the people there.


  4. elijahsmom3 says:

    Airline cocktails make their debut on the Air Force flights…….


  5. Amy says:

    This is simular to what I saw a couple of years ago walking into Kings Dominion in Virginia. Here’s a link to the picture. There are also pictures of texts I sent to my husband and screenshot of the seismogram.. I heard something in the sky earlier in the night and a few hours later two loud booms.. It was freaky.


    • Amy says:

      I forgot to mention, the sound and booms were only last night.


      • jehjeh007 says:

        Wow Amy, this is really weird for sure, but you said this is a example of what you saw, not what you actually saw. No jet of this world would leave something like that unless it is TR-b3 or F-22 Raptor going straight up from a hover position. Russia and Israel have something similiar too. They also leave an odd seismic rhythm right before punching it.


      • gabelgirl says:

        The picture I posted is what I actually saw. There were no planes or helicopters around and the amusment park was not setting off fireworks or anything that would make that ring. If I remember correctly it was around 11am, we were walking into the park and saw that ring to the west.


  6. Shelley says:

    They’re also “spraying” on the East side of Oahu from Kaneohe to Waimanalo and saying that it’s for the military radar – to block things from being seen? Whatever they’re spraying, it’s sending people to the eye doctors for a “burning” sensation and infections… just a bit suspicious if you ask me. Just the other week the Military conducted a training on the Kaneohe sandbar for training. A lot of the residents were upset by it because it was damaging the sandbar and the reef.

    Here’s the article for that:


    • Richard says:

      Shelley, can you supply the links to the news report about the government claiming that is is for military radar as well as the reports of the fallout causing the burning sensations?
      As far as what they are spraying, it is most likely aluminum oxide which when excited by pulses of high frequency at a concentrated high power, creates an ionic atmosphere that can used for a whole host of applications such as defense shields and radar jamming. There are definitely health effects I believe not only do to the fallout of the chemicals/metals, but the electromagnetic energy being created that could be having an effect on living beings on the earth if used in such a way that Tesla has suggested in his writings.There is evidence that a lot of what is happening in the world today is being caused by science and perhaps even the good intentions of others to control nature and in turn are doing more harm than good. If you have the links and documentation to back up your claims, I would greatly appreciate them.


      • Shelley says:


        No government reports, of course – why would they want the general public to know what they are experimenting? The residents on the windward coasts are basically silenced for these procedures since there are military bases on that side of the island (and Leeward, and Pearl Harbor). We all basically have a coastal view one way or the other – I’m shocked that this incident actually made the news… probably because it was visible in Waikiki – where majority of the tourist are – because heaven forbid anyone listens to the locals.

        here’s a video link to the news, brief – but isn’t it always? They always mumble about the military radar.

        As far as the burning sensations, I work for an Ophthalmologist (the only on on the East side) and every time a chemtrail is spotted, we seen an influx in red eyes and infections… and i guess it’s just coincidence that they live on the east side (from Kailua, Waimanalo, Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina, etc).

        Simply stated: The locals all know they are spraying the chemicals, they’re doing it in plain sight.

        Here are some videos, they’ve been spraying for a long time:

        Here are links to the news here in Hawaii, if you do a search for Chemtrails you’ll find nothing but Contrails – and only for 7/26/12. Funny if you ask me since it’s obviously been going on for a while. I contacted the news myself and still no answer.

        Again, why would the people be told about these chemtrails/ contrails? Why would the government, military or any other authority want the people to know? And what are they really spraying? How do we know what it really is?



    • hilly7 says:

      Though my first comment is “awaiting moderation”, this is what I’m talking about, as Richard is saying, Nicola Tesla’s invention, HAARP.


    • SkyWatcher says:

      Right on, Shelly. Yes, we ALL know that our islands are the epi-center for these not-so-secret geo-engineering “experiments”. There are hundreds of photos and videos of Hawaiian skies posted on YouTube and Facebook that show the aggressive manipulation of our formerly mild and predictable weather patterns here. It’s no coincidence that we now see bizarre weather patterns from the west or even from ABOVE, without discernable natural patterns, including hail, extreme lightning storms, floods, unprecedented droughts and a new highly reflective and noctilucent WHITE haze (NOT vog!) covers the islands most of the time. The artificial cloud cover created by these military programs stills our beloved tradewinds and has caused respiratory and other health problems. Agriculture, sealife, water resources and indeed all living things are subject to these chemical sun-shields WITHOUT CONSENT. Support an state-wide ban on geo-engineering experimentation.


      • Shelley says:


        Much appreciated!! Lotsa people talking about this and seems like no one wants to hear about it… I agree, our weather has been quite extreme. I’ll check you folks out for sure.



  7. Dennis E. says:

    Looking at the picture reminds me of an incident where I live.
    About 2-3 years ago I was at my mom’s house and we were sitting on the back deck and the sky was clear of clouds. We have heavy military air traffic as well civilian air traffic in our area.

    I happened to peer up and I saw a lone aircraft and what it did was that it turned as to change direction, but as it turned what a person would describe as a contrail formed.
    But, it only made an “arc” and quit. Then I notice that the contrail begin to expand very quickly
    and eventually dissipated as raising smoke would do. The substance, whatever it was was spread over the city I live near.
    Everyone has good experiences to share. I know that prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irene,
    there was a whole lot of spraying going on over Eastern North Carolina. The Sky looked like a Tic-Tac-Toe Boxes.

    One real crazy event I observed and now I try not to go to my mom’s house without my camera
    was that there was a Air Force Transport C-5 flying at low attitude in a contrail and behind it was towing a balloon type device that was unstable, in that it was bouncing around behind the plane.

    And so it goes…………


  8. Malia says:

    Someone just shared this post with me after I posted a picture of a weird Spiral I saw in the Skies off of the Big Island, looks like the same thing!


    • Shelley says:

      Hi Malia,

      It’s Shelley (Larina’s friend, Chandon, uncle Robert & Aunty Helen) great site huh? Lotsa weird stuff happening around our islands – interesting times. I’ve been following TEP for almost a year now – very good info.

      Hope all is well and take care,


  9. setfree2012 says:

    These are chemtrails. The only reason they are circular, rather than long streaks in criss-crossing patterns, (as is common on the mainland)…they are spraying over islands. (Wouldn’t want to waste any of their expensive toxic chemicals on the ocean now, would they?)


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