Strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes near island of Mauritius

July 26, 2012INDIAN OCEAN – A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck off the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake was centered 212 miles northeast of Rodrigues island and at a depth of 20.5 miles. The USGS initially put the magnitude at 6.7, adjusted it and then restored the magnitude. The earthquake’s epicenter was 9.8 km (6.1 miles) in depth. –Reuters
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3 Responses to Strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes near island of Mauritius

  1. slmorelli says:

    I am posing the thought of (for instance) like what if: all that oil we are constantly removing from our Earth does not only serve the purpose of giving us a supposedly free and unlimited energy source for the taking? Furthermore, may I suggest that all of this oil that is now missing from it’s crucial locations is needed to keep in balance something as misunderstood as say, plate tectonics? Like our spinal cords require buffering “disks” containing viscous fluids which keep our vertebrae from scraping together; or maybe the necessary presence or motor oil within much of our mechanical machinery for lubricating purposes more accurately draws the comparison of why, for no apparent reason earthquakes are ocurring at an alarmingly time accelerated event ratio? Could it be? A consideration for pondering perhaps? Look, who knows, maybe ground oil is perfectly useless until we be removing it. Just a thought that casually entered my mind today, perhaps inconsequental, because if this is the case, it is already too late by now to do anything about, and it is my belief this precious heavenly body which feeds, clothes and shelters us will go through it’s necessary machinations to return to it’s equalibrium, with or without us.


    • Irene C says:

      Interesting thought slmorelli that has some merit, and one that I have thought about myself. Could almost be like removing the water from the underground water tables could decrease stability. The only mitigating factor would be that there have been some very major earthquakes prior to our drilling for oil. I’m definitey no geologist (lousy grades in college) but from what I’ve studied (self taught) I believe in the young earth theory. I believe that the planet is still stretching and adjusting, like an adolescent, and that we will see many more of these kinds of quakes. However, as Alvin as often mentioned, it’s not so much the frequency of quakes that we should be paying attention to, it’s how it ties in with everything else that is rapidly happening. Thank you for posting your thought on this. I enjoy something to mull over while enjoying my morning coffee.


      • slmorelli says:

        Hey Irene, yeah, any thing is possible, and as one of my dr.s used to tell me this kind of apocalyptic pre-view happens periodicaly throughout history. However the oil, as I know it is a fossil-fuel that remains from what was considered the Jurassic (dinosaur) era, whats been transmuted from their mass extinction remains, into the crude oil we have been drilling for lately (as in comparison to say, gathering buttercups (which has been like, forever). Point being, firstly we can only guess to the extent to which this may be damaging considering the lack of info we are possessing, such as how extensive oil reserves (whatever the quantity is being) are, and like, where we may be along in the line to tipping important scales ; at what point any threat may be possible, and when it maybe a threat of large enough magnitude becoming necessarily of attention needing to be made assecessment of, and perhaps action being seen as necessarily something needing to be taken as for dealing with our present problems and as for in their utilization to be some sort of a possible solution. What bothers me is mainly the evidence of what we are extracting may eventually be proven to be creating an imbalance essentially a void of some sort that sucks into itself whatever is primarily available to be being into that space where the oil once was and how those variable factors might be initiating something unusual- potentially threating! Since the oil is hopefully non-replaceable in quality, a one time reserve that cannot mysteriously somehow be able to re-invent itself, (again I say hopefully) and for ourselves the nightmarishly frightening possibile reality that of which our own corporeal remains, and as a result of our unthinkable worldwide demise, over time, may turn the trick, as they say, in a pinch. Point in fact, you may recall that the BP deep sea drilling debacle in the Gulf of Mexico, which was for the most part effectively corrected by reintroducing matter into the well opening to the extent at which re-pressurization was the key for the stopping of that leaking. Every action causing a reaction? Disaster or none, there are many, I believe those who do not ever want to have to take a good look at such a thing, since it may involve their livelihood, and the world economy as well-(how to maintain a societal economic infrastructure without the petroluem needed variables as present, with nothing known as effective and available in the opportunity of presenting themselves as the easily found substitutional/proxy elements within them, and a necessary methodology in conjunction with for the replacement of such as a good possibility for) without which some possibility now may seem to us as if we ourselves somehow are the engineers being the authors of the impossible corner we appear to have painted ourselves into !?? This why, I believe, that now and again some are pushing for a ” clean and safe coal strip mining solution” that some may be finding attractive as in for the very least as a partial solution for the easing of our dependence on oil as alone being the only good fuel that is copiously available for the feeding of our presently frail and precariously positioned economy.


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