41 gas emissions and low rumbling tremors: Popocatépetl simmers, biding her time

July 26, 2012MEXICOThe Popocatepetl volcano registered 41 exhalations of steam, gas and ash, in the last 24 hours, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred). In his report by 11:00 hrs on the volcanic activity, the body of the Interior Ministry said the colossus also generated isolated segments of low amplitude tremors. On the latter, it is not detailed the cumulative time in this specific activity, although it was reported that the 41 emissions were of low to medium range. “It is possible that some of them were accompanied by some ash” because of the cloud around the crater that prevented good visibility. In the course of the morning was observed at times a thin pen and persistent water vapor and gas, where persistent cloud cover was removed intermittently. Also in the evening on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, a bright glow was observed above the crater, an indication of simmering volcanic activity. –Informador (translated)
Is another Colombian volcano awakening? Earthquake Report says: ‘in Colombia, small low-frequency earthquakes are still apparent on seismograms at Sotara volcano.’ (station SOSO). Sotara was thought to be extinct and is not a Holocene volcano, meaning there is no known eruption of the volcano in recorded history.    –The Extinction Protocol
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15 Responses to 41 gas emissions and low rumbling tremors: Popocatépetl simmers, biding her time

  1. Debbie says:

    Has there been a time in recent history when all around the same time, there have been changes in weather, increase in earthquakes and activity of volcanoes, deep global economic turmoil, radical uprisings in the middle east s with the whole region on the verge of exploding like never before???

    A Question that more people need to start pondering.


  2. devlin says:

    “Sotara was thought to be extinct and is not a Holocene volcano, meaning there is no known eruption of the volcano in recorded history.”…great! and the scientists also seem to be very surprised about what’s going on over the world. we are entering very dark times…


  3. jake says:

    are all of these volcanic activities releasing pressure and saving us from one giant blast? or are they all getting ready for their own mega-eruption?


    • IMG

      Unfortunately, the Earth doesn’t work like a champagne bottle. There is simply too much heat and pressure within the planet’s interior to ventilate through the limited number of volcanoes on the surface. When the entropic accelerant warming cannot be consoled by most of the volcanoes on land erupting —- the planet then moves towards an extinction-level event that will be characterized by either 3 scenarios: a). supervolcanoes will erupt. This is likely what’s beginning to happen with the rapid inflation going on with Uturuncu in Boliva, over 70 km of ground. b). There is an ocean overturn, with volcanoes going off under the ocean, resulting in an ocean anoxic event; killing most life in the marine environment or c). massive sections of land, the size of the state of Texas, turn into volcano lakes and could burn or erupt for hundreds of years.

      You have 3 possible ending to this movie if this effect worsens and doesn’t rebalance itself. All of these scenarios are horrific, and any scientist or palaeontologist who have studied the planet’s extinctions in the past would know this; but would probably be hesitant to disclose it to the public. This is rare worst-case-scenario if it ever gets to this point- let’s all hope it doesn’t.


      • Brandon says:

        What are the chances that it will get to an extinction level event for the planet?


      • It’s a rare event in the geological process, but all the conditions are ripe for it to occur again- including the fact that we’re overdue for another one. The longer the earthchanges drag on and intensify; the greater the chances are that it will break rank with what’s considered normal on this planet. We study rocks in science to determine the pulse of the planet but their is not one real agency that has kept accurate historical records of planetary behavior because no one ever considered it important. Consequently, we don’t know what we’re up against, until as the Hopi elders put it, ‘we’re suddenly overwhelmed and annhilated by the forces of nature.”


  4. Katie says:

    I’m new here. Great Site!
    What will be the results of all this volcano activity? Temperature drop? poisoned atmosphere? Anything?
    dec 21 is approaching quickly. Yikes!


    • IMG

      Welcome, Katie. It will keep building until we enter a massive eruptive phase, which could result in both: a drop in temperatures, and a poisoning of the atmosphere where activity is high. Case in point, on Miyakejima, which lies 180 km south of Tokyo, everyone is issued a gas mask because of the poisonous gas emissions continously coming from the island’s Mount Oyama Volcano. There are regular sirens that sound off when gas emission levels rise or when the wind changes. Prolonged exposure to breathing the air without a mask would lead to almost certain death. You just never know what’s in a volcano until it starts erupting.

      Source: http://io9.com/5876235/on-one-japanese-island-everyone-always-carries-a-gas-mask


  5. BUT … We have a GOD who is far greater than a volcano that wants to erupt!! All these movies for the extinction of planet earth … why is everyone in a hurry to destroy the earth?


  6. Mick says:


    Great site! I frequent daily. Saw an article you might be interested in…


    Seems like everyday scientist are discovering things that they thought couldn’t exist, or happen. Between these stars above , volcanos , and ice melts the whole scientific community seems to be second guessing.



  7. Brandon says:

    Could these earthchanges continue to drag on or could they begin to slow down?


    • IMG

      There are some who believe the planet self-corrects itself but for that to happen; a period of catastrophism must ensue like large-scale volcanic releases of ash across the planet, or the eruptions could start with super volcano releases, which is a concern for Yellowstone. This is not a time where the Pueblo people’s civilization unraveled in the U.S. southwest because of periodic droughts, or the Maya civilization collapsed because of drought, or Rome crumbled because of moral corruption and loss of resources to support the empire. These, for the most part, were all regionalized isolated climatic extreme events. The changes we are seeing now, conversely, are happening across the planet and, in my mind, represent an unprecedented event in recorded human history. So, to answer your question; they will likely drag on and worsen before they get better.


  8. Dion says:

    we’re already in the 6th mass extinction with a predicted ten species going extinct a day and the numbers rising. If the nuclear reactors that aren’t shut off blow up from the possible coming disasters, they will also cause serious damage and heat increase to the planet, then a series of extreme disasters will accure again and possibly resulting in delaying the earths attempt to cool itself with an ice age causing the worse scenario to come. Sea levels rise and the land fades away for hundreds of thousands of years.


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