Japan’s Sakurajima volcano marks 600th eruption this year with massive explosion

July 25, 2012JAPAN The Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan has erupted, spewing volcanic ash onto Kagoshima City. The eruption at one of Japan’s most active volcanoes showered ash on the streets of Kagoshima, which lies just 2km across a bay from the volcano. Residents of Kagoshima donned face masks to protect themselves while sweeping away the ash. The volcano has erupted more than 600 times this year and is expected to continue its intermittent eruptions. Currently, the volcano warning there is at level three out of a possible five levels. A level five would mean that the residents living near the crater would have to be evacuated, while level three warns people not to approach the volcano. –Herald Sun
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4 Responses to Japan’s Sakurajima volcano marks 600th eruption this year with massive explosion

  1. Rosa Lopes says:

    Japan will eventually go under the ocean .It is predicted.


  2. Mann says:

    That is spectacular footage!


  3. krystal says:

    I’m just amazed how much trouble that Japan have been through, and they endured it. I truly believe that Japanese are one of strongest will nationality. They have endured bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski, severe earthquakes, tsunami, eventful rain falls, what’s more to come. I’ve studied geology when I was a grad student, the rock material in Japan is volatile. I know that it is mixed of basalt and igneous. Igneous is most volatile and explosive, while basalt is smooth type of eruption, just flow up and out like Hawaii. As you can guess, Hawaii’s volcanic rock is basalt.

    Oops, forgot to add this… by the way, rock material of America is igneous, so we will experience most explosive eruptions, like possible Yellowstone eruption… The entire Northwest America will be gone.


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