High winds feed devastating wildfires in Spain and Croatia

July 25, 2012CROATIAA firefighter died and 1,500 tourists were evacuated after forest fires fanned by strong winds broke out on Croatia’s Adriatic coast Monday, with the interior minister warning of a “very difficult” scenario. “The situation is very difficult … we are doing everything possible to protect people’s lives and property,” Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told commercial Nova television, as the fires continued to blaze out of control in the increasingly popular tourist area. “Everything is ready for (further) evacuations,” said the minister, who visited the coastal resort of Selce, close to the northern port of Rijeka, where some 150 firefighters were battling the blaze. A 45-year firefighter died while battling another blaze that broke out near Moscenicka Draga on the Istria peninsula, fire service official Slavko Gaus told national HRT television. That fire was brought under control later in the day. The inferno broke out in the morning in the hinterland of Rijeka, some 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Zagreb, and spread towards Selce. Strong winds of more than 100 kilometres (60 miles) an hour made tackling the fires very difficult as water-bombing planes could not be used, the authorities said. In Selce some 1,500 tourists from two campsites, mostly Slovenians and Austrians, were evacuated while a number of other tourists left a nearby hotel, officials said. Part of the Adriatic coastal highway was closed, police said. The resort was cut off from electricity and phone lines were down, Nova television reported, showing footage of people in Selce covering their faces with scarves to protect themselves from the thick smoke and ashes. The roofs of several houses also caught fire. In fellow former Yugoslav republic Macedonia, 14 people were injured, five of them seriously, in a forest fire at Strumica, 100 kilometres (60 miles) east of Skopje, the country’s farm minister said. –Terra Daily
Wildfires rage in Spain: Four people have died in two giant wildfires now devastating northeastern Spain’s Catalonia region. Since they blazed up on the weekend, the fires have injured at least 100 people and scorched about 10,000 hectares (38 square miles). Authorities have ordered 150,000 residents to shelter in their homes. One fire has charred the forests of Costa Brava, one of Spain’s most popular beach and resort destinations. Inland, the town of La Junquera, in the border area between France and Spain, is at the center of a second huge fire, that police believe was started by a discarded cigarette. Smoke billows over the Catalonian town of Terrades, July 23, 2012 All four of those who died were French. One man died of a heart attack while trying to protect his home in the Catalonian town of Llers, and another died from burns. A father and his 15-year-old daughter lost their lives while trying to escape the flames by jumping down a cliff in the Costa Brava town of Port Bou. Flames forced the father and daughter, as well as three of their family members and some 150 other visitors, out of their cars as they were returning to France from the Spanish coast. As ash from the Costa Brava fire reaches Barcelona this morning, Spanish firefighters say they are starting to gain control because strong winds that initially fanned the flames have now abated. Temperatures have soared to over 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees F.) in the stricken area, and water levels in reservoirs are low there and across the country, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment. Planes are dropping water in an effort to douse the raging fire in the border area between France and northern Catalonia, but until the fires are under control several cross-border roads connecting Barcelona with France have been closed. –ENS
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5 Responses to High winds feed devastating wildfires in Spain and Croatia

  1. With each passing summer as I read news about massive wildfires around the world and here at home in the US, especially fires in places that you don’t ususally hear of as having wildfires, I am reminded of that place in the Bible where it says that in the Latter Days before the Second Coming about 1/3 of the earth will be burned with fire. (I’m sorry I don’t have the chapter/verse reference for you – I’m lousy at that but I can generally narrow it down to specific book. I think that this was in the Revelation.) Between natural occurences and human mistakes like dropping lit cigarettes or setting off nukes, I see 1/3 a a conservative estimate! And hats off to firefighters everywhere; I’ve fought wildfires when I was younger and it’s rough with the heat, danger and long hours.


  2. Chris Gerber says:

    … and a third of all the forests are burned up?? I seem to have read that somewhere… Ah yes, the Bible!


  3. prayntongues says:

    These are judgements that are happening now, the torrential rains/flooding, drought/famines and fires. There is still time to repent and come to the Lord before the seals are removed and God’s wrath pours forth. We are very close to that happening. The ones who take the mark, will develop horrible sores on their body then the angels will pour out the vials causing the water to turn to blood and the sun to scorch and burn the earth among other terrible things. This is in Revelation 16.


  4. suz says:

    I can see that happening if a barrage of meteorites hits the earth and thousands of fires are ignited. The crops that are ready for harvest are burned up and 1/3 of the trees in the forests are burned up. Every person on earth is personally affected.
    “The Galaxy rotates through 200,000,000 year cycle; one side of the Galaxy is moving away from the center of the Big Bang; one side of the Galaxy is moving towards the center of the Big Bang; the Galaxy has one side moving faster than another side; the side that is moving faster experiences greater gravitational forces; the side moving slower experiences less gravitational forces; this cycle probably causes mass extinctions; as the earth orbits the galaxy it bobs up and down, changing direction within only about a 10,000 year period, but having millions of years when it is either going up or down: these changes in direction appear to coincide with flips in the earth’s magnetic polarity; within its local region of the Galaxy it would appear the sun also has another rotational variation — it is likely rotating around a common center with another star or a small group of stars that causes a 100,000 year cycle that causes the ice ages; in the 100,000 year cycle, the earth’s orbit becomes more and less elliptical causing more and less dramatic changes in the seasons; the sun goes through periods of greater or less stability that are caused by cycles of higher or lower gravitational forces; when the sun is more stable it produces less sun spots; when it is more stable it emits less energy; when the sun emits less energy and earth’s orbit becomes more elliptical, then earth goes through an ice age.”
    I think our ancient ancestors knew of these cycles and wrote about them in all our great books.


  5. Irene C says:

    My prayers go out to these people. Fire is a frightening thing to face. And prayers for firefighters everywhere trying to save lives and property


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