Gas emissions increase at New Zealand’s Tongariro volcano

July 24, 2012NEW ZEALANDTongariro volcano is showing signs of a possible awakening. On 13 July 2012, an increase in small (M2.5) earthquakes was detected. The quakes were clustered at depths of 2-7 km under the area between Emerald crater and Te Mari crater. More than 20 earthquakes were recorded until 20 July, when the seismic activity peaked and prompted GeoNet to raise the alert level from 0 to 1. Compared to a background average of 2 quakes per year, the swarm is significant and could indicate magma movements. Seismic activity dropped on 21 July with only 1 quake since then, but preliminary measurements show an increase in volcanic gas emission. NZ Scientist started to increase their monitoring at the volcano. –Volcano Discovery
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6 Responses to Gas emissions increase at New Zealand’s Tongariro volcano

  1. Eileen Eichler says:

    That makes me pause, those volcanoes on the central plateau are interconnected, will just have to wait and see I guess.
    Thank you Alvin, it’s good to have a reliable scource of news.
    White Island is only just above sea level, wouldn’t want that one to go.


  2. The quake swarm and the increase in gas emissions are signs of awakening. The decrease in the frequency of quakes would be reassuring if it weren’t for the gas emissions; that tends to indicate that there is still pressure under the volcano but that the denser material has hung up and only the more tenuous gases are still rising. That is usually a sign of a more violent, explosive event building. I hope not…


  3. gary carter says:

    ‘thank you for your website it is the best i have ever found concering the problems mankind self and others who believe the bible can see on your wedsite the fulfillment of ”GODS WORD.


  4. Patty says:

    6.6 near Singapore – the bigger ones are going to start up again I bet.


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