10 Responses to U.S. poverty levels on track to rise to highest since 1960s

  1. hilly7 says:

    With the crop season out of whack this year, especially in corn and soy, plus last year wasn’t the greatest with river floods and droughts. I fear we have the perfect storm brewing.


  2. Irene C says:

    For those who think that things are bad now, just wait. Yes, they will get worse. For those who are able, now is the time to store food, not just in case of disaster, but also for lean times. Extra food got me through the last time I lost my job. And now is the time to pay off debt that isn’t needed and look to see what things you can do without, just in case. In other word, plan for the worse case scenario. Stuff is just stuff. Once again, I am working at storing some provisions and come the end of August, once again I may find myself unemployed. But then, if I’m not working, I’ll get to spend more time with my TEP family. 🙂


    • larry says:

      This is bad


    • Nkosazana says:

      I agree. Yardsale anything you can to get some extra money to buy staples.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      In the short term, Irene is spot on, stock up and get a small freezer. However, the Justices are finally bringing the “money mongers” into scope and taking some actions. So called “short-saling” is getting exposed for the Devil it is and is being banned (although temporiarly) in Greece, Spain, etc. Why would we make it legal to bet for a business action to fail? Don’t you think someone that does that would then create conditions to cause that failure by getting someone else to do it for them? It is similiar to burning the poor out of neighborhoods to buy up the land and build condos. With the rich Republicans/Democratic politicians sitting on borrowed money, they will run this world into chaos without a care. But in a month you will see a financial exposure that will shake them to the core forcing YOU to decide “Do you stand in fear of the Rich or do you stand for Justice for All?”

      Do not think our Lord is not watching when you do or say NOTHING. I am not advocating violence, I am advocating people to stop turning their heads to injustice no matter where/who you are, call, shout, raise your hand and point the offenders out even if you feel you have to cover your face to do it. Otherwise the “crazies” come out from top and bottom, and do horrible things to innocent people and we will be caught in the middle AGAIN.

      BTW, beef prices are about to get low due to sale off caused by weather. Get a small freezer too. Even if you are a Vegan, freeze it up. Peace to TEP’ers and you to Alvin.


  3. sKeptical citizen says:

    I also think the worst is yet to come. Many will find thenselves without food & shelter. those who make preparations will fare better than those who wont. i dont have faith in any of the elected politicians to fix our problems. No politican can stop a earthquake, Volcano or any other Clatyclismic event. They will continue to Borrow and spend as long as possible, So the citizens need to help themselves. And take care of your soul.


  4. Tracey says:

    Its always wise to keep a good stock of food in the house , “just in case” , none of us know what is coming and its better to be prepared , keep safe everyone x


  5. Dennis E. says:

    There is still a credit bubble and another housing bubble to burst according to some economic analysts. I think we are on the edge of a depression. I think we need to look at our representation in Washington and figure if we need a change we can live with, if it will be worth it.
    I have read a report that our congress has been reduced to null and void because the UN is starting to take over and international law will subvert national policies. You may not hear that from some national media outlets.
    We can’t go on like this, somewhere the unemployment money is going to be exhausted.
    Just my opinion…………..


  6. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Colorado was mentioned quite a bit in this article…I just wonder if the Colorado shooting perp.developed any ideas from being around the collapse of his once wealthy buddies.Self survival and pride are deadly aren’t they. The wealthy can not stand to be humbled, so kill all those responsible, that is the battle cry we are hearing more and more often.


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