5 Responses to Officials warn U.S. debt crisis approaching a fiscal cliff

  1. Michelle Agee says:

    And the worst part, it is planned, global governance is the final destination. Its a real shame we can take $0.53 of every tax dollar and spend it policing every country on the planet while at home our children are hungry, bored, and way under educated without opportunity. American nightmare instead of dream. Alvin, I reccomend you and everyone watch the documentary Thrive, very excellent and eye opening as well as this site!


  2. Daniel Hughes says:

    It will be Thelma and Louise with no smiles. September/October.


  3. Brennan Olsen says:

    The incredible failure of congress to see beyond the greedy cries of the corporate, and get behind the people of America, is disturbing indeed. The liklihood that the global elite [for they bailed out of the USA in 2008] will turn their military machine on American Citizens is very real, and very frightening.


  4. Rozee says:

    President Hoover and his Cabinet gave themselves a pay cut during their lean years. I have not read of an elected official demonstrating this act of leadership. Time to start calling the public servants who represent me and ask when she/he will do this. Thank you Alvin. Namaste.


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