A message to our many readers

We thank you for your continual patronage and support. Look for more exciting growth and change from us, both now and in the near future. Best wishes to all our readers.   -A.
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108 Responses to A message to our many readers

  1. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

    I look forward every day to reading your posts. God Bless and thank you.


  2. Rhonda says:

    Thank YOU Alvin, for all your hard work in keeping us informed. May God Bless you greatly.


  3. That picture of daisy poking through boards gives hope. Aquifer discovered in Africa gives hope.
    Perhaps the Millennium cometh.


  4. Clare says:

    I look forward eagerly to your God Centred Messages Alvin. May the Good Lord continue to bless your ministry.



  5. nixArt says:

    what a lovely image, and at least for me it has some great messages too!
    Thank you for your effort and this site!

    Greetings from Austria
    – nik


  6. Heidi says:

    Thank You for helping me stay in touch with the world from Ecuador….xxx


  7. Dawn says:

    Alvin, Thank you so much for all you do, you truly are a blessing to all of us around the world, I look forward to reading your posts everyday and night! I have told so many around the world about you and your posts, many are following now. May god bless you, I feel so blessed to have found you. Dawn


  8. Dave says:

    Yes I love reading your posts too, I can never wait for updates, but seem to not be as often now as they once were when I first started viewing in March this year, please keep up the good work your doing for us.
    David UK


  9. Irene C says:

    Thank you Alvin for this wonderful site. I feel blessed to have found you a year ago. All of this information is difficult to come by and then add to that the knowledge from other who comment on here, that is priceless. And I also feel blessed to have found this wonderful TEP family.



  10. pagan66 says:

    Love, Light & Peace to you & yours as always Alvin. May you continue to find the strength to keep getting the Truth out. It’s people like you who shine & are a beacon for others during these final dark days.

    Your friend always, Ceridwen


  11. Bundy says:

    You do a great job Alvin,and anyone you may have helping you now.Keep up the great work,and thank you for the effort you put in on keeping us informed.


  12. El'sFriend says:

    I have just spent 3 weeks in the US and Alaska, and it was great to know I could come to this site and see what was happening at home (NZ) as well as the rest of the world. Thank you Alvin for all you do! May our Lord Jesus richly bless you, Althea


  13. ashuka says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed. I wait for news on this site. God bless you Alvin!!!


  14. Colleen says:

    Nice informative site here. God bless.


  15. prayntongues says:

    This is the only website that I come to for news, as it is always current and relevant for the watchmen/women. I share many of your articles on my facebook, sometimes adding an appropriate scripture. Thank you Alvin for your dedication to keeping us all informed of real news that matters, unlike the mainstream networks reporting on Justin Bieber, the Kardashians and what not, to keep the public in the darkness and unaware that the unraveling is picking up pace. In the past 18 months, I can see everything moving faster and building up to a major crisis that will resonate globally. At least I won’t be panicking when it happens for I know my savior Yeshua is very near! You are touching many lives and no doubt many are coming to Lord as the writing is very clear on the wall. God Bless!!


    • Thank you, PT. Your words are heartfelt and meaningful. We are many strands in a web and its feels wonderful to know its connecting with so many people across the globe. May God be glorfied by His power, and through His grace, multiplied a hundred-fold through our feeble efforts.

      Thank you for your presence and support – God bless



  16. niebo says:

    “And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and all discernent; so that ye may approve the things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and void of offence unto the day of Christ; being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are through Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.”

    Phillipians 1:9-11


  17. Daniel Hughes says:

    Hello Alvin. Thank you for a USEFUL web site. Since I found TEP in January or February, I have checked you daily and usually first for updates on the profound changes which are occurring around the planet. You are often out ahead of other very good alt media sites, and this is a priceless gift to your viewers. “Seeing around the corner” while moving into the future has never been more important than now, and I thank you for helping with that immensely.

    – RDH


  18. Brandon says:

    You’re a jewel Alvin. Keep up the great work my friend! Will you still be here when the end arrives?


  19. mike b says:

    Thank you for your site people need to know the truth


  20. Raymond says:

    There’s not a day that goes by without my poring thru your website… valuable knowledge, as others such as SOTT.net too have come to appreciate.

    Thanks a million, A



  21. Caroline in West Virginia says:

    Thank you Alvin.. and thank you for your wonderful books. To all posters here, get yourself The Extinction Protocol (a massive work and quite riveting!).. I have already read the Seventh Protocol, which sucked me right in from the first page, and have bought Hazard.. not yet read. I love the “God-centredness” of Alvin’s work and his amazing ability to pull all the threads together into a format that is pretty mind-blowing at times. At the same time he is not afraid to explore other belief systems and how they fit into the “End-times” picture. Like others, this page is my first.. and last.. call of the day. Thank You Alvin!


    • Thanks for the support, Caroline . We just gave all the books revisions and updates with the latest information this week. They’re all discounted and here’s a coupon below for anybody who missed purchasing one.


      Bthank you,


  22. yardley7 says:

    This is my go to site everyday. Thanks Alvin for your hard work and dedication in keeping us informed….I really appreciate you. ~Blessings~ Shari


  23. Shelley says:


    Thank you very much for your continued hard work on TEP. It’s always great to pop in to see what’s going on in the world when “life” just happens and so many craziness increases. One thing for sure: We can’t lose hope no matter how rough times are, we have to keep strong and never give in. Without knowledge there is no growth – you have supplied us with daily news from what is “hidden” in the regular news. Thank you again… from the center of the Ring of Fire… Hawaii.



  24. always looking forward to my daily news updates,far better than any other media i know.isit just better communications worldwide or truly my feeling that mother earth is really starting to fight back in spades.still no golden rule taking effect unfortunately…kudos to those who run this.


  25. Thank you for being one of the Few! You are appreciated


  26. Trisha says:

    I’ve been reading for a year now. Thank you for pulling it all together for us. That picture reminds me of the remnant…


  27. Cherrybaby says:

    What a lovely little family we have here! Thank you also Alvin, I love reading your site daily, its great to know that all parts of the world are watching and preparing through your amazing information. x


  28. Rina Mienie says:

    Like some one above said, your site is the site I checked first thing in the morning, midday and before I go to sleep. When I saw your note this morning, the following verse came to mind:

    Isaiah 52:7
    How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

    Because you do give us hope. Because we are watchmen, we are not foolish and uninformed – thanks to you! Have a blessed day and I do pray for you.

    Much love,


  29. Jana says:

    This is the first site I click on for my daily news report, thank you so much for your hard work and faithfulness in getting out the “signs of the times” to all of us silent readers out there. I believe our Father sends people like you for times like these, I will pray for you and your health and may our Father’s face smile upon you every day. BTW, I have two of your books and love them. You gave me such hope when you wrote that The Father’s physical nearness to our planet may be causing these natural events. WOW, what a profound concept and such inspiration to hang on.
    May our Father richly bless you,
    Love in Yeshua,


  30. John K says:

    Thank you Alvin for your wonderful site, have read your book the 7th Protocol and would recommend it to anyone to read, the flood explained like that opens up a completely new door for the mind to grasp, it would have been terrifiying for them inside. Have just ordered 2 more books: Hazard and The Extinction Protocol, can’t wait for them to arrive, received the last one in 5 days to Australia, very quick. God bless and thanks again for the best news each day to inform us how near it is for the Lord’s second coming. John K


  31. Desmond says:

    Hi Alvin and so say all 4585 and the silent followers “thank you for such a big family” GOD BLESS and keep up the hard work.


  32. j d edwards says:

    Thank you,this is my first stop every day.


  33. Alvin, seu trabalho informativo é imprescindível para a conscientização do ser humano sobre as transformações drásticas que estão se passando no planeta terra e que, fatalmente, transformará definitivamente o nosso modo de vida, em todos os aspectos, tanto material e principalmente espiritual. Obrigada por ser um defensor da verdade e não dissimular os fatos como a grande mídia de jornais e televisão tem feito.



  34. Jay says:

    I, too read here daily and am so very grateful for you and those who help you. Keep up the excellent work!


  35. Gary from new hampshire says:

    THANK YOU. I look forward to going to this site every day! May our lord bless you and keep you Alvin.


  36. Yonisha says:

    Thank you for all the updates, I read your blog almost every day, and it is better tha any big stream media, which of course hide most of what is really happening around the world. Thanks again!


  37. ann says:

    God Bless you and your family for all of your hard work on getting information out to the public. We should all be aware that soon enough, we will have no internet so our sources of information will be cut off. We will then need to trust in God and take care of our family’s. Cover your selves, fast and pray. The time is near.



  38. isis2012 says:

    Thank you so very much for being here, and for you care and consideration … : )


  39. James says:

    We thank you for your hard work too.


  40. I enjoy reading all your post and look forward to them each day.
    Peter (Northern Ireland)


  41. wendy says:

    Yours is the best on the internet!! I’m reading your info several times a day 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work. Greetings from the sea in Northern Ca. 😀


  42. Deb says:

    Thank-you Alvin for all you do! Because of your updates I am able to send my prayers to all that are in trouble with these earth change. I check your site at least twice a day and have two of your books Extinction Protocol and Hazard. God Bless


  43. suz says:

    How far that little candle throws his beams!
    Thanks are the highest form of thought…..so thanks, and thanks Alvin.


  44. Julie says:

    Alvin – Thanks! You are part of my day – I look forward to seeing you every day . . .

    You are truly blessed and a blessing to me!


  45. Phyllis says:

    I love this site and read it everyday,I dont always post but I really appreciate the truth and the postings made here,I really thank God for you,Alvin and pray that you are really blessed for all you do,thank you so much for the light in the darkness.


    • Phyllis, that’s sweet and kind. We’re grate for everyone being here and making it all worth while. We wouldn’t be anything without all of you being here, contributing, reading, and getting the message out.

      Thank you,


  46. Clare says:

    Alvin have you read pastor Billy Graham’s letter?
    With Love, Clare in Tassie


  47. I love the most current listings of this little world of ours. You are a blessing to many that do believe that bigger changes and hopefully a cleansing of uglyness will eventually make our Earth a better place. If not, I do await Jesus’ second coming. Thank you.


  48. Audrey says:

    Thanks I look forward every day to reading your messages god bless you alvin 🙂


  49. Harold Thackston says:

    You provide an extremely important service to those of us that pay attention to Earth Changes.

    I will be moving soon to Ontario, Canada to build an EcoVillage off grid to prepare for whatever comes.
    The meek shall inherit the Earth !!!

    May Love Light and Blessings surround you all.
    We have openings to live in the village if anyone has interest.
    We have a group on Facebook.
    Message me on messenger

    Harold Thackston


  50. Harold Thackston says:

    Thank you so much for the goid wishes.
    Knowing the issues facing America and knowing Ontario has no fault lines We have chosen it to build our village.
    Would love to have your opinion on the relative safety of this location in which to become self sustaining



  51. Harold Thackston says:

    Thank you for the input..the area we are looking for land in looks very very safe.
    May God’s Blessings always be with you


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