18 die as bus plunges into gorge in India

July 22, 2012 INDIA A government official in India says 18 people are dead after a bus fell into a deep gorge after being hit by hurling boulders, during a landslide in the mountainous northeast. Another 17 people are injured. Arunachal Pradesh state Transport Minister Zoram Sangliana says the bus plunged about 45 meters (150 feet) into the gorge early Saturday near Keifang, a village 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Aizawl, the state capital. Monsoon rains triggered the landslide in the region. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital, Sangliana told The Associated Press. India has the world’s deadliest roads, with more than 110,000 people killed every year. Most crashes are blamed on reckless driving, poorly maintained roads and aging vehicles. –Seattle Times
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9 Responses to 18 die as bus plunges into gorge in India

  1. Pray4love says:

    Far out, this is insane! We didn’t even hear about bus accidents when I was little, now they are happening on a regular basis, the Lord must be close!


  2. Jennie says:

    Alvin, may I ask whats your opinion on all the water (rain fall) that affecting the planet at the moment? Could it be due to last years Japanese tsunami?, there was a lot of water displaced that day…..it had to go some where, or is it that our planet is warming up and so there is more melt water in the atmostphere, or that the jet stream has moved? I love to know what you think. Many thanks.
    Jennie in UK.


    • I

      This is what I began writing in 2009, in The Extinction Protocol: “Warming oceans lead to higher evaporation rates, which, with rising cosmic ray influxes, increase cloud cover. Higher evaporation rates from the world’s oceans, is putting more moisture into the air. That moisture is being deposited now over land masses in extreme seasonal events, record, and chaotic seasonal rain-fall totals, monsoon flooding, and snowfall events.” –The Extinction Protocol, p 488

      Ocean temperatures have been rising steadily

      How could I predict this 3 years before it would happen? Because, I know what the geological changes are occurring to the planet, and I understand how they will affect atmosphere and oceans. It’s also safe to say, we haven’t seen anything yet…



      • Jennie says:

        Thank you Alvin for getting back to me. I think you are so right. We haven’t seen anything yet!
        God bless. Jennie


  3. loreen says:

    after experiencing how they drive in india, i’m surprised i don’t see this headline more often.


  4. larry says:

    My thoughts are with them so sorry


  5. Irene C says:

    Oh how terrible.

    I watched a program about India’s deadliest roads, and I don’t think you could pay me enough to drive or ride on those roads. The drivers are crazy and they pass each other on some of these roads. Landslides and washouts are common. With the mountainous terrain, roads are just carved into the sides of the mountains and are barely wide enough for two cars let along trucks and busses. However, this is the only way they have to maintain contact with the cities.


  6. Novum says:

    If we “haven’t seen anything yet” as you say Alvin, then we’re all in deep sh**.


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