5 Responses to Expert warns London riots will happen again

  1. wendy davis says:

    Unemployment, hopeless futures, a banking system that is basically a casino, the financial industry where investment firms have been given free reign to bait and switch, leading to a transfer of wealth, the loss of equity in private assets including property. Rising cost of food, the continued wars which no one seems to agree to but Israel and the politicians. Bleak future for the kids. Destabilization of nations. And conspiracies that seem to be pointing to rigged system at every turn, including fraud, murder and larceny. All at the same time. Expect riots when this occurs.


    • Anne says:

      Wendy does a decent job of breaking down reasons people are steered to riot, especially in the heat of summer 2011. I’m wondering what the point is for Prof. Kessl’s analysis of the analysis. Is it to remind and alert the Brits of the ‘London Calling’ of WWII – that a planned replay during the Olympics in the heat of summer 2012 is expected? Both Wendy and the Prof. ended with “Expect more riots.”


  2. markLouis says:

    So far as I know, no government in the West has EVER used a fatal, military response to an urban riot. With things like advanced Spectre gunships that can target individuals with software and fire hundreds/thousands of rounds per minute, a modern military response could end a riot in seconds, if a government ever chooses to do so. If such an event ever happens ONCE, will rioters ever riot again to “express” themselves, outraged or not? (I’ve read Texas Rangers used to say ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ because in frontier days they would shoot riot leaders and riots would stop. What if the political will was ever present simply to shoot all rioters? Would riots stop?)


  3. Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by fatal, but here in Northern Ireland (we are western) the police and army engaged rioters during the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early part of the 2000’s. They would use rubber bullets which are now illegial and on occasion in the 70’s automatic riffles. In fact last summer in the London Riots 100’s of Police officers from Northern Ireland where brought accross to London as the London police didn’t have a clue or experience around wide spread riots.


  4. @markLoise…that may give rise to something that does more than simply seek to express whatever…something that then sets out to destroy the destroyer….and there is no telling what kind of intelligence that may turn out to be…and no telling what it would resort to….or how it would function…”hundreds of thousands of rounds per minute”…that’s the sort of way I would describe a viral attack…all our modes of thought arise from the hierarchical pyramid which is the organizational structure of our civilization…thoughts that arise from some other kind of organizational structure would be alien and difficult to respond to…and now there are clear indications of such an organizational structure emerging and consolidating itself…and organizational structure that we have no laws to register and regulate…because it cannot easily be conceptualized….and hence its nature understood and predicted…


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