China on alert as disease outbreak kills 112 in June

July 16, 2012BEIJING The Chinese province of Hunan urged parents on Sunday to seek immediate treatment for children showing symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease after official figures showed 112 people died from the illness last month. The disease, which children are especially vulnerable to, also infected more than 381,000 people, the Ministry of Health reported last week. “The disease incidence rate in June was much higher than that of last June, which has much to do with the high temperatures this summer,” said Liu Fuqiang with the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The province urged parents and teachers to send children to hospital as soon as they showed symptoms of the disease, including mouth sores, skin rashes or fever. In June, 34,768 cases were reported and 17 people died from the disease in Hunan, the statement said. According to the Ministry of Health, over 460,000 people were infected by the disease in May, leading to 132 deaths. In recent days, health departments in numerous Chinese provinces and regions, including Gansu, Fujian, Jiangsu and Xinjiang have issued warnings over the outbreak of the disease, state press reports said. n international lending organization has slightly lowered its outlook for global growth over the next two years, warning that Europe’s financial crisis and slower expansion in China and India have weakened the world economy. –AFP
contribution Jenny M.
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2 Responses to China on alert as disease outbreak kills 112 in June

  1. carl says:

    nasa just revieleield there data ,based to create a idea of carbon produced by amazon deforestation was off by 66 percent. Turns out its a lot less than the predicted. So now we have aluma in the air and the bastards are playing god, not just scientists anymore, that wasnt enough for them. Just remember the kids. what about the kids. low level sound waves hurting there tiny brains. what a miserable way for us to go out. the few folks left will be the ones that started this sht. HAARP Chemtrails. its only a matter of time till they microwave you too. keep going outside and getting your daily dose if metels. The birds fly in the clouds of the aluma chemtrails. And whem haarp is on, is instant death by fast microwave heat, which is a obvious to me why these animas are dying out of the sky at once. The chemtrails have over twelve main goals some related some not. but all will destruy gods world. The devil got it right this time, how can you fight a enimy you cant see. Everyday another american is labled mental deficient? or insane or whatever. Many just kill themselves. why>? Why? just rember the babbies as you spray your own people…..turn the plane around and head for a radio harp tower, take them out. we are counting on you.


  2. krystal says:

    Same thing was happening in Southeast Asia area a while back… in fact was posted on here, we were all suspicious of possible Hand-Foot-Mouth disease or other disease?


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