Violent storm turns night into day over Washington- residents claim the ‘most intense’ lightning storm ever seen

 Cisco Wilkinson of west Pasco took this photo at 4 a.m. Saturday. “It was so bright, I was temporarily blinded,” Wilkinson said. “It looks like it’s daytime.”
July 15, 2012WASHINGTON – There were a lot of tired people in the Tri-Cities on Saturday after an early morning electrical storm rattled homes and flashed bright lights through windows. The system that led to a severe thunderstorm warning from the National Weather Service also cooled down the Mid-Columbia after a string of 100-plus degree days. The light show and downpour didn’t appear to cause any significant damage, with police and fire officials surprised at how few calls were received. However, it might not be over, with the forecast calling for a slight chance of thunderstorms through the rest of the week as the temperatures heat up again. Those storms continue to bring the threat of lightning sparking wildfires. The thunder and lightning that moved through the area earlier Saturday seemed anything but normal to the dozens of residents who took to social media to describe the experience. Some referred to it on the Tri-City Herald’s Facebook page as “the best storm ever” or the “most intense” they’ve experienced in the Northwest. People awakened by the loud booms reported staying up through the early morning hours because they were fascinated by Mother Nature’s spectacular display, or simply realized that attempts at sleep were futile. A severe weather alert issued at 2:37 a.m. said two storms were located six miles southwest of Kennewick and moving north at 30 mph. Within minutes, the storms moved over the Tri-Cities and seemed to hunker down for almost three hours, with cloud-to-cloud lightning that often was so bright it appeared to be daytime. The National Weather Service’s warning described it as “a dangerous storm,” and told residents to prepare for damaging winds, destructive hail and deadly lightning that could strike the ground. People were instructed to seek shelter inside a strong building, but away from windows. The weather service took two calls from the public reporting hail the size of a quarter in Kennewick. Public reports of wind speeds in Kennewick ranged from gusts of 35 to 40 mph to gusts up to 60 mph that drove the rain and hail sideways. “I’m sure it’s been a blast for people to watch the lightning,” Brooks said. The weather service had been expecting the storms to form for a couple of days because of instability with a low-pressure system and warm temperatures, Brooks said. –News Tribune
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24 Responses to Violent storm turns night into day over Washington- residents claim the ‘most intense’ lightning storm ever seen

  1. Therese Denbeck says:

    Interesting timing ..


  2. Marybell says:

    Why could this article indentify the location? The Tri Cities? how can someone from the deep south know this?


    • C Millsap says:

      It is a known location here in Washington. There are 3 cities located very close together Kennewick is one, which is mentioned in the article.


  3. James says:

    We had some thunder storms here in Montana last night. I saw much worse when I lived down south though. It was calming to me but when I woke up my rose bush was a tad wilted. My potato and onion crops look better though.


  4. Tracey says:

    Gosh , effects of the X 1.4 flare?


  5. krystal says:

    I am in awe, wow! Signs in Heaven


  6. reality Crunch says:

    HAHAHA! we think we are the most powerful ones on the earth, we are silly little pikers compared to what nature can throw at us in a nanosecond , I do not want to see anyone get hurt by natural events such as this , yet I am awed by it’s beauty and extreme intensity and I love to see the natural world in action.


  7. niebo says:

    Related to the x-class solar flare?


  8. Eric says:

    I always loved huge thunder storms (growing up in the Midwest) but we don’t get em much here in Hawaii


  9. michelle says:

    what about the power grid? is this something we should worry about?


    • stgecko says:

      Flares, yes we need to worry about these. Supposedly there are plans/procedures in place to help save our electrical grid.As far as I know the best idea now is to go to complete blackout until it passes. I may have to rush the solar cells install. If the solar storms get too bad they could take out our entire planets electrical grid which may take over 10 years to repair. It’s all so fleeting.


  10. Large solar flare signals weekend disruptions on Earth | Video | /
    Could this be the reason. Could EMP(s) be cause for concern if these electro-magnetic storms keep gaining in intensity?


  11. Rob says:

    Had a doozy last night (here just North of Austin, Texas) that I also described as “the most intense electrical storm I’ve EVER seen” to Friends on FaceBook. We’re 2 hours into another monster of a storm right now. I heard strange sounds, warbling & echoing qualities, the likes of which I’ve never heard in my 42 years. I’ve also had varying degrees of headaches since Friday night(though intensifying with the storms) proving, once again how people CAN be & ARE effected by terrestrial & solar events.


  12. deb says:

    That is insane. Thank God it happened when most people were inside their homes.


  13. richfish30 says:

    The intense heat is causing intense storms!


  14. Dee says:

    What a frighten lightning! But at the same time somehow beautiful. I think is the first time I look at this big light and it’s a picture imagine how what is it for the people nearby. There are records of similar lighting somewhere?

    I don’t know why but looking at the picture again I thought it looks like it is a tornado of light. :/


  15. Judy Willox says:

    Yes, it does seem to be the timing that could be a good wake up call, but I remember these storms way back when I was a little girl here that were like that. Been a long time since we have had one like this and I love it. Not the danger, just the storm. Was anyone listening to the wake-up call?


  16. ready or not... says:

    we had a quick but powerful storm go through here as well. lots of lightning and rain was flooding the street for about 5 min or less.
    when the storm was full force, we had something very strange happen in our house. there was a sudden loud buzz sound through the house that we all felt as well. at the same time the lights dimmed, but never went out.
    talking about it we are not sure if it could have to do with the lighting, or sun storms, or just a old home. LoL
    it was odd for sure, but not as crazy as this picture !!


  17. Christian says:

    It was also a day full of lightnings in Romania .and pretty rough winds,with the tornado news in europe.America and australia….who knows where too…May love embrace us all,and brake the shackles of sadness and fear from our childhood.May God have mercy on us,and save His people.


  18. suz says:

    We had the storm here in Toronto as well. Lightening was impressive but I’ve seen worse in the past. Glad to get some rain….we are in one hell of a heat wave, again…..I love the heat but this is a bit much. Going up to 36 C tomorrow. It’s not the warming that is the problem, it’s the wild swings and they say we haven’t seen nothing yet…that’s the scary part.


  19. We live in an electro-magnetic cosmos, and with the sun sending out increased pulses with the CMEs the last few days, the atmosphere of our world is roiling with increased electical activity. Why is this so hard for humanity to grasp? Because we have been lied to by our science for a century since Nicola Tesla’s discoveries and inventions were hidden because it was considered National Security threats due to the ease and simplicity that free energy can be obtained, putting the 3rd world into a position of power if these secrets were public knowledge. To maintain supremacy the easy free energy technologies were buried under bullshit and lies and education was skewed to conform to the Cabals agenda which was and is global control. There are numerous White hat warriors presently arresting the Cabal leaders and setting us free from their agenda. This is ongoing and will result in true freedom for humanity and a restart of life on this planet. The galactic presence in our skys guarantee our deliverance as they are backing the White hat Earth contingent who is opperating to release us from the enforced slavery we have long been acustomed to. Nothing the Cabal has developed technology wise is able to defeat higher 4th and 5th dimensional technologies wielded by the rescue forces. Do not despair, freedom is in the air….


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