Freak wave of tornadoes carve trail of destruction through northern Poland, leaving 1 dead

July 15, 2012POLAND A freak wave of tornadoes ripped through northern Poland on Sunday, wrecking houses and swathes of forest and leaving one person dead and another 10 injured. Tornadoes are not unknown in the European Union’s largest eastern country but the scope and power of Sunday’s twisters was unusual and comes in a summer already marked by flash floods, hailstorms and gales. Some 1,200 rescuers were working to remove fallen trees, unblock roads and restore utilities in the hardest hit Baltic region of Pomerania. Trees were uprooted, buildings damaged and power lines downed, while some 550 hectares of woodlands in the Tuchola Forest area were flattened. “I saw a black column coming our way,” an injured inhabitant of the Wycinki village, whose farm was destroyed by the tornado told state television. “It carried everything away with it … birds, debris, sucked up water from the lake.” A caravan with a family of three inside was seen flying through the air in the village of Stara Rzeka and breaking into pieces upon landing, but its occupants suffered no serious injuries, news channel TVN24 reported. “The sole fatality was a 60-year-old man in the Pomeranian village of Wycinki who was crushed to death by his collapsing summer cottage,” fire brigade spokesman Pawel Fratczak told Reuters by telephone. The tornadoes were the latest outburst of violent weather that has battered Poland since the start of the month with hailstorms, gales, cloudbursts and flash floods. TVN24 reported meteorologists categorizing the twister as a class two tornado with wind velocity of up to 200 km/h. –Reuters
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21 Responses to Freak wave of tornadoes carve trail of destruction through northern Poland, leaving 1 dead

  1. Therese Denbeck says:

    Incredible I had no idea how this would unfold. I believe that questioning my faith with what I knew in my heart has done what it was intended to do. I guess you just don’t get it until you integrate.


  2. Irene C says:

    Yet tornado alley in the U.S remains quiet, hot, and dry. Getting really strange. And I have a feeling that we haven’t seen anything yet.



    • Kathy says:

      I agree, Irene. I think this is just the calm before the storm, in the midwest U. S. The poor farmers are really hurting, from the lack of rain. When and if the rain gets here, I think, it will only be a wash out.

      God Bless


  3. james says:

    Something is just not right…i just watched the video for some of these tornadoes on youtube and they were just as you would see in america. Between all this flooding rain lightning storms derecho storms solar activity volcanoes earthquakes..People need to finally realise WTF is happening this year..Simple answer its 2012


  4. devlin says:

    I come from that side of the world, and never in my life, I would’ve imagined something like this happening there! the whole ecosystem of the planet is so out of order…but when they played with haarp, in the ionosphere, where they thinking, or just playing God?


  5. Mickey D says:

    Looks like HAARP is being tested out in Poland.


  6. robert dunn says:

    Tornados in Poland…are you kidding me? Further evidence that the Gulf Stream current has stopped. Been stopped since June 2010. Go to and you can see for yourself. Has depiction of the earth near bottom of site.


  7. Merk says:

    Freak on the heels of a huge CME from an X 1.4 flare. I expected severe weather. The meteorologists need to work CMEs into the forecast inputs.


  8. Bella says:

    Oh my goodness…


  9. Kevin wilson says:

    I agree merk, I get emails from earthchanges media which is run by Mitch barras. He has ade the connection with cmes/severe weather when th cmes head towards earth. Also we are in what the ancients called a time of change. Earth and every living thing on it s in tb proces of transition which will take the next couple of years to complete. Get ready for one gel of a journey


  10. truthseeker says:

    The Warning is imminent. Time to get matters in the soul department in order. Peace be with you all.


  11. Dennis E. says:

    Well, how about this? Freak weather indeed. Scope and power of this weather event is unusual
    even for a country that does see periodic twisters. Matches what is being said in the u.s.: Unprecedented heat.
    And again, for those who do not regularly visit this site. Alvin has posted that the weather will change in a instant and a person could be killed by the sudden abrupt change. Here in N.C., our area has been peppered by hit and miss short term intense rain storms which could lead to flash flooding and the highway that you have driven all your life could be the instrument of your demise
    during these times. Let’s not take nothing for granted.
    Just my opinion……………….


  12. Emanni says:

    Extreme Weather – Africa – South Africa
    07/15/2012 17:50

    “Rescue workers evacuated more than 2000 people as heavy rains and snow battered southern parts of South Africa over a freezing weekend. The precipitation had cut off all road links between economic hubs Johannesburg and Cape Town, causing a huge traffic backlog, though main highways linking the north and south of the country were reopened Sunday afternoon, said Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesman Ashraf Ismail. Dozens of trucks had been stuck on the routes after heavy snow had closed them down since Saturday. Soon after traffic was opened, around 500 trucks that had been held up in Johannesburg by the closures started the trek toward Cape Town in the south, Mr Ismail said. Over 100 millimetres of rain fell over the area in three days, with more heavy showers predicted through Sunday night. Thousands of people were moved to community centres as floods hit southern city Port Elizabeth, said municipal spokesman Kupido Barron. “We assisted more than 2000 people,” he said, with mattresses, soup and blankets given to families housed in community centres. Police were also looking for two people who ignored a ban and rowed across a flooded road in an inflatable rubber boat, local media reported.”


  13. Emanni says:

    Video – Landslide in Canadian British Columbia caught on camera

    British Columbia – “Conditions in the region are still very unstable.”


  14. Dennis E. says:

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    I am looking to make purchased having researched several items.
    It appears to take up to 12 hours for a D-cell battery to charge.
    Like to hear from someone who make a recommendation and pitfalls to watch out for.
    There is no stress, just want to make the best buy for the money.
    This is a disaster preparation site……


  15. Adams Rixey says:

    There is nothing to fear. Love reigns supreme.


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