Thousands lose electric power in U.S. northeast as substation goes down in fire

July 14, 2012SALINA, NY Thousands of National Grid customers were in the dark during a major power outage on Friday. The outage had the greatest affect on customers in Syracuse and Salina, and was sparked by a fire at a National Grid substation in Liverpool. The substation caught fire around 12:30am on Friday. A National Grid spokesperson says the fire is believed to be specifically caused by bushlings, which allow energy to pass between pieces of equipment and are a vital component of substations. National Grid has asked thousands of customers to conserve power while they are re-routing those serviced by the substation to other grids. To minimize strain on grids, customers are asked to unplug unnecessary electronics and turn up the temperatures on air conditioners to 70-72 degrees. Those asked to conserve seem willing to comply, despite the 90 degree temperatures. “It’s hot, yeah, but there’s other ways we can keep cool,” said Salina National Grid customer Daniel Zaborskiy. “Like instead of using A/C, we can use a fan, for instance.” Some affected by the outages are upset with National Grid. “They should provide a service and we should have confidence and know that they’re going to deliver that service to us, like they want their money on time at all times,” said Syracuse customer Taj Bey. –CNY Central
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12 Responses to Thousands lose electric power in U.S. northeast as substation goes down in fire

  1. Marcaz says:

    Don’t suppose this has anything to do with latest solar flare and incoming cme…


  2. Therese Denbeck says:

    Burning Question of the day X1.4 ..


  3. Who knows? Our power grid is so obsolete and over-burdened that almost anything could cause outages…


  4. George says:

    I remember several substations exploding not many months ago in various regions. Are they too ancient or is there some other explanation?


  5. Tracey says:

    Mmmmmm , I was just thinking excatly the same ! ATM’s were down in town today ………


  6. wendy davis says:

    And billions are being spent on a railroad to nowhere in California. Oh, and the pretty roads that could have waited a few more years to be repaved, the landscaping along riverbeds – Agenda 21 is here in California. Real Estate agents beautify yards before sales and that is exactly what I think is happening in this state. Foreign investors will see all the pretty flowers and tidy roads before saying, “I’ll take it.”


    • prayntongues says:

      Believe me, the citizens of California do not want this highspeed railway that will impede on orchards, crops and dairy farms. I don’t know what Agenda 21 is, but perhaps that is why they are going through with the railway, while cities are going bankrupt.


  7. TEXAS LISTENING POST , Tony in Cambridge UK says:

    Most of the high voltage bushings can be tested to determine the condition of the insulation system inside the bushing. Most likely cutback in money to maintain the equipment and run the equipment to failure then replace it. A very poor method, one never knows the condition of the equipment. Looks great on the computer, not spending money but failures never happen at good times. This started n in the US in the middle 1980’s , said to say I saw it grow.


  8. kathleen koblensky says:

    we have national greed.they browned us out for a local fair…this is what we get when the sell the power off to private enterprise…when I was young it was called.a..PUBLIC UTILITY,,,space weather has always is not does effect earth…and technology..takes a good hit…so what!! may not be such a bad thing…the technology is causing huge havoc for the planet..or maybe you have not noticed??? they are messing big time with the atmosphere to keep this technology money…can’t have it any other way….we will pay the big price for not questioning the technology…..


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