15 Responses to Syria military ‘moves chemical weapons to Homs’

  1. Ian says:

    Who needs nukes when you have Sarin? The impact of using this gas (not that any other chemical weapon is any more acceptable) would be devastating, and if used against another country, perhaps as a diversion, might be the trigger for WW3. Very worrying indeed.


  2. devlin says:

    this is so awful! after all that’s been going on lately with the planet, there’s still a lot of people, who still want destruction, instead of planning how to survive as a human race…I think a lot will wake up only when it’s way too late.


  3. Just more technical garbage that we should never have fooled with (like nukes). But, Pandora’s Box has been opened and nasties like this have proliferated. I certainly hope that Assad and/or his commanders in the field aren’t about to make one huge mistake.


  4. Doug says:

    Bet it’s on it’s way to the Olympics for a false flag op be careful people the demons are stirring


    • Ian says:

      No, nothing will happen at / to the Olympics, except perhaps a brief political event by Argentina over the Falkland Islands, followed, once China has finished re-building the Argentinian military, with a pop at the Royal Navy.

      But a false flag event elsewhere, possible, the opening night is the same day as a traditionally bad day in the Jewish calendar – the 9th of the month called Av, both 1st and 2nd Temples in Jerusalem were destoyed on this day, as well as other events, for example the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492


  5. watchmaniam says:

    As things heat up nobody seems to care about the greatest event about to take place. Something exciting is already happening to certain people from all four corners of the world and they all are saying they experience the same calling. Tsiyon.org


  6. krystal says:

    I’m trying to understand Isiah 17, destruction of Damascus… where exactly is this chemical warfare being transferred from? I know it is going to Homs, which is an hour and 45 minutes north from Damascus. Interesting… also it does talk about in description of wasting away fats and disease and incurable pain, I mean it is scary to read and visualizing it same time.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Krystal,Dennis E. Here: There are locations, probably in bunkers where this stuff is stored and it does leak. Israeli intelligence says there are several locations near Damascus
      where chemical weapons are being stored.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    To the EP family: Friends, if this is true and we have no reason to believe it is not because this story is being carried on several prophecy sites and the national news, this could be a game changer. If assad feels his regime is about to fall, then he could, as a last ditch effort to save his regime use these weapons on his own people, or on Turkey and Israel who is probably having one major panic attack right now.

    Let’s hope this is a false flag and he is moving them to a safer location………..please……….
    This could get out of hand real quick………….


  8. Joel Carter says:

    It seemed that we are quickly near the fullfillment of Isiah 17. If Syria attacked Isreal with the chemcial missiles, that country will get punishment from Heavenly Father in a form of atomic bomb on Damascus.


  9. Therese Denbeck says:

    It’s starting to get a little Cold as in a Cold war type feeling. The fact that Russia is involved and has interests. There are reports of torture, and now Sarin Gas. I am impressed over the words “the regime would have ‘plausible deniability’ ” .. To add a “wild card” in there could just set up the tensions to a “volatile level”. This is looking like a trip wire.


  10. Sam Beckett says:

    I have heard on the news & read on articles on the Internet that Syria has chemical weapons but I question if Assad really does. I question it, because of the person he is, it makes sense he would of used it already. Let me be clear, I have zero desire for chemical weapons to be used & hope it never happens. With Assad being the stubborn, defiant, arrogant, evil bastard he is…it just makes sense he would of used them if he had them…he is laughing at those that are telling him to stop…he does not care


  11. suz says:

    I read that countries such as Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Iran and Sudan became US military targets because they refused to play ball by allowing American oil companies unlimited access to their oil resources. In contrast, countries that are oil poor like Syria and Lebanon are current targets because of alliances with oil rich Iran.
    Did anyone listen to the BBC Have Your Say program? Many people called in from Syria and said that Assad was the only thing standing between them and an Islamic state.
    Libya has imposed Sharia Law, and anyone who objects is getting tortured and assassinated (at least according to Amnesty International). And the new US friendly regime has agreed to privatize Libyan oil for the benefit of US oil companies.
    It’s probably none of that. Could war in the Middle East be about changing the way our world operates…on all levels…. culturally, socially, financially, and politically. War makes it possible to change the social makeup that couldn’t be done otherwise. War creates fear, panic, rage, and allows the country to be controlled under the guise of being a utopian state.
    War that is unjust and dishonorable makes countries weak and ripe for violent change.


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