Mysterious blood rain falls again from skies over Kerala, India

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42 Responses to Mysterious blood rain falls again from skies over Kerala, India

  1. This has happened before?


    • Yes, I wrote about it in my book, The 7th Protocol. They cannot determine what’s in the rain, but it appears to be like half of an biological DNA sequence that matches nothing known on Earth.


      • nebojsavu says:

        Sound like an X-file…


      • nanoduck says:

        Some kind of unknown species of dinoflagellates or algae that thrives in atmosphere, maybe? We have these “red tides” that are caused by algae booms that kills fishes and turn the water red (one interpretation of what may have happened in the first Egyptian plague in Exodus). The fact that one half of DNA sequence does not match anything known on earth…that is troubling indeed– it could have rained down from an extraterrestrial source (comets, which are thought to contain organic material) or maybe seeded there by someone up to no good? I know this thing has happened before for various reasons– some kind of red dirt get mixed with rain, chemical/ nuclear fallout, or pollen.


      • Green Leader says:

        Could this be something like the mysterious goos that keep showing up in sea shore communities? Maybe something sucked up off the sea, propelled into the storms, and then dropped back by precipitation?



      • It has a documented history of reoccurrence and there may be many factors causing it. Google blood rain..

        Very unusual to say the least.


    • Jith says:

      Am from Kerala ,India . I can say with 100% sure that this has happened in Kerala before also. Not only this red colored rain but also green, yellow, and blue like rains. This had frequently observed some 3 or 5 years before that we ‘Keralites’ daily read it on our news papers.
      Heard that some scientific studies Were also conduted but so far no results announced yet now.
      Were also conducted but so far no results were announced yet.


  2. Stewart says:


    What are the possibilities here? Obviously it’s a HUGE sign in my opinion of things to come, but what would cause this? Thanks for breaking this news!


  3. David says:

    The signs of the times!


  4. Josh says:

    What dou you think Alvin bout this?


  5. Barbara says:

    interesting youtube comments on the subject

    : A moderate earthquake hits Myanmar-India border region with a magnitude of M5.6


  6. James says:

    How much more do people have to see to get it? The end is upon us. The only hope is repentance.


  7. John says:

    I’m telling you, if you don’t have your preps ready by now, it’s to late.


  8. Lela says:



  9. frank says:

    Wow, sounds like a movie. A really scary ed of the world movie!


  10. Lee H says:

    This is not the first time “blood rain has fallen over Kerala”. Just read the wiki page on the subject!

    Lots of kryll in the indian Ocean especially off the coast of Sri Lanka, Kryll are red in coloration as are certain forms of algae and other biota. That said, Kerala is several hundred miles away from these sources. Big waterspout carried them maybe?

    Must be a very disturbing thing to experience though!


    • jehjeh007 says:

      I believe Mr Lee H hit the nail on the head. If we for go the “DNA” statement, a water spout which is common in India could have picked up krill or carotene like substance from any body of water. Judging from it’s location from the sea, it is very possible since the bodies of water are heating up causing serious biodiversity to occur at accelerated rates. Today I held about 500 dolphins washing up in south america. Just a 2 weeks ago it was 500 penquins in the same area.


  11. anonymous specie says:

    Could this be a sign for something big that’s going to happen in the near future?


  12. Guna says:

    Yes, these things have happened earlier, but there is yet to be a conlcusion about the origin of the particles or their scientific details. The scientific community is mute to either accept or reject the claims of two scientists Louis and Kumar saying that these particiles are of extra terrestrial origin. There should be something happening behind the scenes which is classified to be released…


  13. the red spores have no dna but they seem to reproduce, weird…


  14. BrooklynGirl says:

    I agree Joey


  15. Phil says:

    I still can’t believe people are talking about “Nibiru/planet x” as though it is destined to happen. Any remotely legit science can debunk most “nibiru” theories.


  16. When you have biotech companies creating franken-everything, the new world order chemtrailing the world, and the constant warnings of a false flag alien invasion, you can safely conclude that the chemtrails contain GMO cells now. Why blame aliens when the predominant traffic overhead is from airplanes and airplanes are dumping unknown chemicals into the sky? If something strange is falling from the sky, the logical conclusion is that the governments put it there through chemtrailing; but once again, we get the “aliens” storyline out of nowhere. Its synthetic life people, and its probably pathogenic. Wake up.


  17. Tom says:

    It may be that Nephilm/aliens/demons/fallen-angels are seeding the clouds with fresh DNA that can be used to construct into whatever type of creatures they plan on inhabiting this next time around when they come back and re-enter this dimension to turn man away from God and toward worshipping satan and ultimately destroy everyone evil, so the non-evil may be saved by Jesus, separating the tare from the wheat.


  18. Dennis E. says:

    It was a meteorite…………….


    • Elizabeth says:

      Funny you should say this Dennis… I was on the way to Roanoke Rapids, NC,Thursday or Friday of last week… passed thru Scotland Neck and saw a green fireball shooting out of the sky. It fell into a field near the water tower. Thanks for reminding me that I need to scan the interwebs to see if there were any reports of meteorites in eastern NC on those nights. As to the rain… definitely strange things are afoot on the Earth, even in our own backyards.


  19. Holly says:

    Becoming a common occurrance.

    Very interesting.


  20. Mariahly says:

    On the second season of TV series “V” the mother causes for the planet to have red rain, like blood rain.


  21. The particles actually look like red blood cells, that is the really creepy part.

    Rev 8:7 The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and these were thrown upon the earth. And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up.


  22. Apollo says:

    The Bible also says the moon will turn to blood, the rivers and the seas right? Our time is about up. Stand up for Jesus our savior and stand up for the truth only found in Him.


  23. terryer says:

    “There is nothing new under this sun” this statement was said 100’s of years ago what is now was then everything that happened then is about to happen again.


  24. N-exes says:

    Hey,being in kerala will only make u see but to understand study the position of kerala on earth. It changes with seasons and this affects those sun rays, causing a mass colour change, sometimes seen in mirages.


  25. this is sign of lastday.every body should obey the rule of god.


  26. trav says:

    This is no lie about ten years ago my brother and I experienced this at a park on the bay Is there any scientific reason why this happen ? It wasnt long maybe a couple minutes it blows my mind to this day


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