19 Responses to Civilization unravel: Belfast explodes in new wave of rioting and violence – history repeat?

  1. fran says:

    As a “recovering Irish catholic”, I am not surprised – “eejits” acting like “eejits” on both sides!


    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Are you aware that ‘Eire’ was a pagan divinity that used to be worshipped during the pre-Christian era; and that the way to appease this ‘god’ was to sacrifice blood. That is a principality over the island of Ireland, that needs to be dethroned. This spirit has got both protestant and catholic Christians to nitpick small issues of faith, in order they will fight and kill each other. I hope those who are practicing Christians will recognize where the desire to fight is coming from, and address the principality and pull it down. The religious angle is just a cover.


  2. joemozden says:

    “To mark one year since the first tent was erected in Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard.” Anyone else think this is significant? Or am I nuts?


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Well, The the devil and his angelic followers sure are busy all over the world.


  4. Nothing changes. Was the second one an Arab or Israeli protest? Any more links or news?


  5. Lisa says:

    As a thankful Catholic Christian I wish both sides would act more Christian. Dividing the Body of Christ is uncool and Christians fighting other Christians is reprehensible.


    • james says:

      The real revolution going on right now is in the “church”. The goats are going to be separated along with the chaff and then……………it will be pure.


  6. Dennis says:

    The world will never work with out LOVE


  7. Rob says:

    @ joemozden-I agree completely. I sat bolt upright in my chair when I saw that!


  8. aaronwt says:

    The Catholics and Protestants fighting always sounded so stupid to me. I never understood it decades ago and still don’t understand it today. It just makes zero sense.


  9. Richard Queener says:

    All religious parades in Belfast should be banned for at least 25 years.


  10. I live in Belfast. while the violence was a disgrace please don’t believe everything you read in the papers. It only happened on one street for a few hours on the 12th Night. One car was set on fire, 12 shots where let off and a few hundred petrol bombs thrown. 22 people where injured in total. While this sound bad this is actually a very big improvement on previous years. The RT footage makes it look like a full scale war, but in fact it was so edited it hardly resembles reality. I know what a real riot is like and have witnessed them many times before and this was nothing more than a few scuffles by yobs with nothing else better to do with their time. The politicians and paramilitaries on both sides where actually the ones stopping this drunken idiot’s getting killed.


    • John K says:

      Well put peterygwendyta, it happens all over the world, its like road rage without the cars. Satan is very busy pushing the drugs and bad food to everyone, with these inevitable consequences.


  11. Dennis E. says:

    There is a terrible report from Mexico (reuters) that an armed gang attacked a Mexican church youth group of about 90 people outside of Mexico City and raped seven females, beat and robbed people and left in two stolen vehicles. The report said that this certain area of Mexico, violence against women is the worst in the country.


  12. Dennis says:

    The world will not work without love – God is love


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