500 dead penguins wash up on beaches in Brazil

July 14, 2012BRAZILBrazilian biologists are investigating the deaths of more than 500 penguins found washed up on the beaches of Rio Grande do Sul state. Autopsies are being conducted on some of the birds to determine the cause of death. Researchers said the penguins appeared to have been well-fed, with no apparent injuries and no oil on their bodies. Similar incidents in the past have been blamed on shifting ocean currents and colder temperatures. Magellanic Penguins migrate to southern Brazil from Patagonia every year during the southern winter. Last week dozens of young penguins were rescued from beaches in Rio de Janeiro after straying far beyond their normal range. The birds delighted beach-goers, but scientists said their health was suffering in the tropical waters. Brazil’s environment agency is preparing to fly those penguins back to the south. –BBC
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11 Responses to 500 dead penguins wash up on beaches in Brazil

  1. marilyn says:

    Sounds like the magnetsophere is changing dramatically and causing them confusion. Would the X Flare have contributed to this?


  2. The Midwest heat seems to be the culprit in last week’s massive Northern Pike fish die-off across our area in Michigan. Reports from Wisconsin and Minnesota are also floating around. Does anyone have the estimates as to how many fish died. A neighboring lake above Grand Rapids, MI seems to have lost thier population of 700. -DKP


  3. richfish30 says:

    LIke i have said before maybe its the Magnetic Pole Shift. Plus dont birds, such as these penguins use the magnetic field to travel. Maybe something is happening which is causing confusion and massive die offs.


  4. Bobi says:

    I do believe that the pollution in all the oceans has a lot to do with all the sea creatures that are washing up on beaches around the world. We humans do not co-exist with this planet, everything in and or on it….we have destroyed so much and now we are seeing the damage we have done. Actually, we have created our own extinction, we are a virus, a plague.


  5. alex says:

    alvin question. things seem to be going quite fast now. sweltering heat around the world mixed with extreme flooding. looks like our next giant happening should be an earthquake. do you have any information on the next place a major earthquake is brewing. Ive really been looking into this and i also talk with a chinese kid in shaig hai or however you spell it and he said their has been so much rain in his region that the chinese government doesn’t know what to do.


    • It is becoming critical. The planet’s climate is gyrating between too much rain, or not enough. It’s happening just as I warned it would happen and we’re running out of time before these effects began worsening in intensity and scope.

      Floods in Japan described by meteorologists as ‘unprecedented

      I don’t think there is a region anymore for the potential eruption of a large quake; there are now regions. Instability is growing across the planet. Soon this will lead to cascading breakout large seismic events around the globe.


  6. Jennie says:

    Watch this space……………..volcanic eruption or earthquake in the next week!!!


  7. american says:

    i believe that all of the recent animal die offs are a direct result of the japan reactor failures and the radiation that was leaked into the oceans which we all know caused the problem to spread globally as wind and rain carried the poison aaround the globe


  8. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Hi Alvin! I have read in the Hopi prophecies that the Earth used to rotate in the opposite direction than it does now and I read a site on the internet where the author also states that the Earth will again rotate in the opposite direction than it does now and stated other civilizations other than the Hopi’s that have recorded this from their ancient past. This would certainly bring about what Jesus said about the time when man would be fearful of the waves of the seas and people would be calling out for the mountains to fall on them to cover them. Seems like it had something to do with the Sun’s pole flip.


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