14 Responses to Food prices expected to soar as U.S. corn crop withers under drought

  1. omniversling says:

    “with weather the only fundamental that matters”…

    How convenient it would be if weather could be manipulated, and hedgers with the inside knowledge could front-run cereal commodity markets. How convenient would it be for bio-tech companies that are stuffing untested GMO crops down the throats of the sleeping public, to suddenly have ‘overwhelming public support’ for drought resistant strains, irrespective of whether they included horizontal gene transfers using DNA from other species. How could that happen? What could go wrong? How did I become so cynical?




    Love, Light and Peace to you all…IO


  2. Cloud-seeding technology has been around for decades, yet the controllers choose not to use it. Very telling.


    • suz says:

      Federally funded U.S. cloud seeding research ended in the early 1990s due to a lack of conclusive results. A few years ago though Northern China had the worst drought in decades and when it finally snowed the Chinese govt took credit saying they used their cloud seeding program and it worked.


  3. tonic says:

    Rising food prices in a world full of debt, and others, playing the markets to make profit.

    I spoke to a farmer this evening who is growing maize. (in the UK) He just shook his head. Apparently when you pull back on the flower there is nothing there. No pollenation because of the constant rain. He does not know the percentage yet, and I do not think he wants to.

    All that is going on feels like a jigsaw puzzle being put together, slowly, bit by bit.


  4. Sam Beckett says:

    Not at all shocked food prices going up, upsetting, frustrated, worried, angry…but not surprised! This is not an exaggeration at all, I used to buy Oro-Wheat bread loaf’s. They are a higher end bread but good. In 2009 I paid $1.99 a loaf, now they are $5.99 a loaf..so I do not buy it now, and that inflation applies to all groceries. Sad thing is so many are completely ignorant of how much groceries have gone up.


    • prayntongues says:

      Its hard to believe that bread does cost that much but it does! I used to buy the Oro-wheat multigrain, not anymore at today’s prices. I go to the dollar store for bread, english muffins, tortillas. They cost too much at the grocery store chains. Breakfast cereal is over priced too. The boxes are the same size but half the thickness (less weight). I buy the cheap cereals packaged in big bags. Its like 3-4 boxes of cereal for the price of one. I also use the rubbermaid cereal containers, cereal does not get stale, even after a few months. I’ve started baking bread too. The cost is less than 50 cents and it tastes so much better too!


  5. niebo says:

    So…this will affect the price of ethanol, which is now an additive in gasoline, so, guess what? Gasoline prices will increase as well. And it seems like the last time gasoline prices shot WAY up, the price of milk and bread and essential groceries doubled, and everything that was delivered by truck saw 25-200 percent increase in cost. Ultimately, when “normal” people could no longer afford to eat, drive to work, AND pay their mortgages, the (house of cards) housing market collapsed. But, of course, the immortal US economy recovered and we have all prospered since…..


  6. Gunasekhar says:

    This is the time to freakout. All over the world either there is drought or there is untimely huge rain fall; both are fatal to the crops. In India this season there were almost no rains. The food inflation is already at it’s peak in India and we can expect what’s in store for future. Lets realize and grow our own food…


  7. Don Gaines says:

    CLIMATE-GATE or Gore-Gate what ever you choose.


  8. jehjeh007 says:

    I wonder if we will be smart enough to not sale corn for ethenol producers? The peoples physical health should come first. My family in Nebraska are expressing serious concerns with this situation. They believe their losses will be 1/3rd.


  9. suz says:

    They said 2010 was the warmest year ever for Canada …. well they just announced that 2012 will go down as the hottest year ever recorded in Ontario as well as the US.


  10. Beth says:

    Wait….?!? Is this GMO Corn? Good riddance to this junk. It has no place anywhere in the food chain! Maybe something that appears bad on the surface is indeed something that we will all benefit from in the long run.


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