21 Responses to Will Spain unravel? Dozens hurt as police, anti-austerity protesters clash

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    and after they curtailed the use of many medicines in their public health system because they do not have the funds for national health care either, yet some of our ” news” medias still try to promote it here while saying that it works in other countries.
    Alvin; has it really worked in England as well as the news media says or does it take so much in taxes to cover that the rest of the economy suffers for it?Thanks!


    • You have to have a healthy economic base to float national healthcare. England’s national debt is right behind Italy and it’s a matter of time, in a down economy, before essential social services began to unravel.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thank you Alvin…You are correct and that has been my biggest concern here in the USA is that we are to poor to pay for ” free” health care in this country. If CNN had spread the news regarding Spain’s problem with health care they could not push their propaganda for the current regime. Thank you for bringing us news without a spin attached. Peace to you.


      • Same to you friend.



  2. Michael says:

    Anyone else notice all the numerology in this article? Today is 7/11 then it goes on with 76 people(13) followed by 43 protesters next was 33 police… maybe just me but looks like they were sending out a msg in that one from CNN..

    God Bless!


    • Adams Rixey says:

      grasping at straws


    • james says:

      You’re on the right track!


    • Granny Bear says:

      I see the patterns, but i have no idea how to interpret patterns into a specific message. What is the message that you allude to? How can you tell which groups of patterns or number series are messages and which are, merely, the constant message beauty and the universal common resonance of Being. For example infinite sequences in fractals or the ordered resonance in music?

      Who would “they” be? The CNN staff writers, reporters, the protestors, or??


  3. Irene C says:

    I have to wonder if any of these protesters have a solution for Spain’s debt problem. What would they do to keep the country from imploding? Or are they more concerned about their own wants? What is the answer for Spain or has the can finally been kicked over the cliff?



    • I’m afraid, this may be the end of the road under such circumstances. Under the Belgium bailout agreement, Spain has to cut its national debt to GDP ratio from 90 to 3% by 2014. It has never been able to do that in its history- so how can it possibly be done in a depression in two years with 22-25% unemployment?

      This is going to get brutal before its over…


  4. Cody says:

    As a warning to you all, we should all be aware that situations JUST like this are going to happen here. Our police and military are fully aware that we are collapsing, and they are preparing to contain it, and at the same time, strip us of our freedoms, and our liberties. Things are getting so, SO much more real, and things are happening at a truly exponential rate.


  5. tonic says:

    The image is horrible.
    A girl with blood streaming from her head, surrounden by darkened helmets.
    A stark divergance from the images on the voyager probes, soon to enter intellersteller space.
    So who are we kidding, if not ourselves.?


    • Daniel Hughes says:

      It IS horrible.

      As always, the thugs are protected while the innocent bleed. (And when one sees a bleeding woman surrounded by helmeted, flak-jacketed gorillas, there is NO question who is innocent.) Check out a youtube titled Why Cops Fear SHTF.


  6. Suz says:

    I feel bad for the people of Spain. Today’s young people face scary levels of unemployment.


  7. bill says:

    Funny how the police are never affected by austerity. They just get more batons !!


    • Granny Bear says:

      Sorry, police are amongst the 99%. In some communities police are paid minimum wage. In others hours are reduced and lay offs are happening. Police also eat food, care for families, try to sleep in places protected from the weather, such as homes that require mortgages, they even have personal interests. The police are human beings, just like the rest of us. They get crunched, too. We all get crunched.


  8. Sam Beckett says:

    I am confused, their sales tax was 18% & now 21%?! geez…18%, & nobody protested that!? Where I live in CA, sales tax is 9.25%…& if the tax breaks are not extended then my income tax will jump 50%…which will only force me to contribute even less in consumer spending as I will just cut back even farther on things. With global tax increase on us normal people (not the rich), cuts in everybody’s wages, benefits, etc…& the super inflation on groceries these past fee years it really does seem we are going back to the midevil times, under a greedy, selfish, uncaring monarchy…


  9. suz says:

    Oh they’ve been protesting as have we. It’s 13% in Ontario. That’s what happens when you live way beyond your means.


  10. August says:

    In ROMANIA, the dictatorial puppet BASESCU (who now wants to compromise the Referendum for his dismissal – by calling in the help of the BRUXELLES puppeteers), has increased the V.A.T. (sales tax) in 2010 -from 19 % to 24 %, alongside with 25 % cuts to the salaries of public servants and 15 % cuts to pensions.

    We served as guinea-pigs -in the EUROPEAN UNION, with such high cuts, in order to see if these kinds of “measures” would work in other countries.


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