When earthquakes split mountains: 6.4 magnitude quake leaves 20 meter crack in Mt. Fuji

July 11, 2012JAPAN – A 20-meter-long crack was found halfway up Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit on March 15, 2011, centered around eastern Shizuoka Prefecture, local authorities revealed Tuesday. They ruled out the possibility of an eruption. “No abnormalities have been observed regarding Mount Fuji and the mountain shows no signs of an eruption,” an official at the Meteorological Agency said, indicating the crack was caused not by volcanic activity but by the temblor. Both the width and depth of the crack were several centimeters, and it has subsequently been covered by sand and pebbles, according to the Yamanashi Prefectural Government. “Nothing has happened after more than a year (since the discovery of the crack), so Mount Fuji is probably not going to erupt,” said Shigeo Aramaki, head of the Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences, who inspected the crack in June last year. –Japan Times     絶滅プロトコル
                          How a 5.1 magnitude earthquake split the Mount St. Helens volcano in 1980
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19 Responses to When earthquakes split mountains: 6.4 magnitude quake leaves 20 meter crack in Mt. Fuji

  1. smdahl says:

    Thank you for your incredible vigilance. Love your site!


  2. Irene C says:

    No abnormalities, but there’s a 20-meter-long crack? Okay, someone please explain explain this to me. To me, it sounds like a lot like denial. Am I missing something here? Heads buried in the sand?


    • Case in point: Mount St. Helens erupted from an earthquake, and the whole north side of the mountain collapsed. The 1980 eruption took everyone by surprise. Volcanoes don’t just sit in the sun and look pretty; they cork tremendous magmatic and gas pressures in the earth. You never know how strong the forces have been building under a volcano until the gloves come off. This is what just one moderate earthquake can do.


  3. James says:

    That is super interesting


  4. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Is this a real crack, or just a partial landslide?


  5. Andy says:

    Has anyone else noticed the easing in the number of earthquakes in the last couple of weeks. Get ready for a bigger quake as the stress levels build


  6. Probably not going to erupt…… such certainty is so very reassuring!

    Clare in Tassie


  7. Plese add twitter to your share button


  8. “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” – Luke 21:11 KJV


  9. Cerey Runyon says:

    I know you can answer this question, Alvin; “Is there more volcanic and seismic activity on this planet or are we just ‘more’ aware of it because of the Internet.” Also; “Is there more seismic activity, or ‘electromagnetic effect’, is it also increasing throughout the solar system?”
    Now, MT. Fuji embraces many concerns for me.I have been keeping an eye on her for the last three years. As a child, we were taught in school, that Mt. Fuji was all but extinct. How real, or how concerned should we be over Mt Fuji “Blowing her Top?”


    • I think before it’s over with, most of the volcanoes on this planet will erupt. This is one of the reasons I write so much about them. The dangers they will pose will be unprecedented.


      • Sacha Curtis says:

        Love how they wait a year later to to print this or warn anyone. Thank You for this site you your quest to spread TRUTH! My order for the book is on the top 5 wants…..5 kids you know how it is so I live in Modoc county California, Alturas Volcano or dead volcano territory. I watch the earthquakes pretty close and we seem safe up here but how safe from dormant volcanoes am I and is there even anything as safe? God Bless


      • You’re welcome for the site. Thank you for being here.

        God bless you and check your email.



  10. jeremy says:

    hey alvin was jjust looking at sun spot ar1520 its so massive what woulld happen to us if another careingtion event happend?


  11. wendy says:

    Of COURSE they ruled out the possibility of an eruption. They are in denial of the nuclear poison too. I’ve never seen such denial when it seems like Japan is on it’s way out of existence.


  12. Wally says:

    I don’t see the significance of a crack that’s only several cm wide and several cm DEEP. I do believe that there has been an increase in storms, quakes, etc, but this doesn’t seem noteworthy.


  13. cecelia says:

    @ wally. out of an ‘extinct’ volcano? doesn’t seem noteworthy? i have to ask, do you also think the danger from the fukushima reactors is over?


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