Heat waves kills thousands of fish in Minnesota lakes

July 11, 2012MINNESOTAThe recent heat wave is blamed for killing thousands of fish in several southern Minnesota lakes. Most of the lakes are shallow, and thus more susceptible to summer fish kills, and most of the fish were northern pike, which prefer cold water. Affected waters include Geneva Lake north of Albert Lea, where Department of Natural Resources officials say several thousand northerns probably died, and Fountain Lake in Albert Lea, where hundreds of northerns floated up last weekend. Jack Lauer, the regional fisheries manager in New Ulm, says he’s heard of about 10 to 15 affected lakes. He says populations will recover. Henry Drewes, the regional fisheries manager for northwestern Minnesota, says some waters around Alexandria have also seen fish kills, including Lake Christina and the Pomme de Terre (pom-duh-TAIR’) River. –Star Tribune
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7 Responses to Heat waves kills thousands of fish in Minnesota lakes

  1. James says:

    I live in Montana and I am surprised that it has not happened here. We are having record breaking high temperatures right now. This is part of the signs of the times. Winter skipped us and took us into one of the hottest summers on record.


  2. Sarah A. Blankenship says:

    I recently was in Minnesota at Pelican Lake and we saw many dead fish
    . The fishermen said the dead ones had black lungs and looked abnormal. Mainly bigger fish. Sad how the worlds changing all over. The water is on fire.


  3. tonic says:

    More and more fish are being killed through Earth changes, be it volcanic, techtonic, and now weather. I would be in fear of the count over the last two years. It’s as plain as day we are losing them.


  4. Jina Revere says:

    I live on the Mississippi River about 200 miles from the headwaters. We are also professional fishermen. The River has had a TOTAL fish kill. I reported it on Sat. and our Cons. Officer laughed at me! Has anyone else heard about this event.? This is normal in wintertime and the occassional summer…in shallow lakes. This is the mighty Miss. Our temp. tests were at critical levels not extinction causing. But…there has not been one news, radio, or smoke signal telling the communities. Our simple tests are showing that there isn’t even zooplankton left. Pardon the pun but, “something smell’s fishy to me.” This flood and fish kill is the saddest thing that I have ever seen and my family seems to be the only ones that are concerned.


    • Valerie Ann says:

      It is sad. It seems that everyone around me is totally oblivious to what is going on in the last 2 years.. But Jina, you and your family are not alone. There are many of us around the world that know whats going on or question the various events surrounding the last couple of years. Either people do not want to know the truth and choose to remain blinded or they know whats going on and are just afraid to discuss it.


      • Jina Revere says:

        Thank You Valerie Ann, I needed that comment and I know that so many people are in trouble now. Not only with Mother Nature but, health and finances. I’m not going to give up my plee around here in MN. The saddest thing is, that the more I study, the more corruption I find and my file keeps getting bigger. My family and I are staying health and as happy as we can get right now, hope this note finds you and yours the same.


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