England flood risk to rise fourfold by 2035

July 11, 2012BRITAINThe risk of flooding for many English homes and businesses could increase fourfold by 2035 if more action to deal with the impact of climate change is not taken, government advisers said on Wednesday. As severe floods continue to batter parts of Britain after the wettest June since records began, the climate advisers said more investment and better planning for new housing in flood plains was needed. “We must take adaptation more seriously if we are to manage the growing risks of floods and droughts,” said John Krebs, the chairman of a climate change advisory panel. “This can be done by investing more in flood defenses, faster rollout of water meters and giving serious consideration to where and how we build our housing and infrastructure,” he said in a statement. “Without action by households and businesses to prepare for these inevitable weather extremes the country faces rising costs, unnecessary damage and future disruption.” Scientists believe extreme weather is likely to become more frequent in the future due to climate change. Flooding will be the biggest climate risk to Britain this century with damage set to cost as much as 12 billion pounds ($18.63 billion) a year by the 2080s if nothing is done to adapt to extreme weather, a government-funded study said in January. The government’s advisers said in a report that property development in flood plains – or areas along streams or rivers that are likely to experience repeated flooding – has increased by 12 percent over the past 10 years compared with a 7 percent rise in other parts of England. Water scarcity is likely to be made worse by household consumption levels which are among the highest in north-west Europe. Encouraging households to save water could cut total consumption by 700 million liters a day, which is two thirds more than is currently saved under initiatives by water companies, according to the report. –Reuters
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16 Responses to England flood risk to rise fourfold by 2035

  1. Marybell says:

    2035?? WOW. Wonder who will be here to witness?


  2. say ‘thank you’ to the government computer operators who work the machines and give you the predictions based on faulty assumptions…. would one call them prognosticators? One thing I was taught very early in my dealings with computers Alvin was ‘garbage in – garbage out’……. this is particularly true when you have a predetermined outcome. This is a very sore point with me…. bless us Pal, they can’t predict the weather for tomorrow and get it right, what on earth makes them believe they can predict ahead 22 years with any degree of certainty?


  3. oops also meant to add something about sea level rise and the Maldives…… follow the monet trail!


  4. Vicki says:

    Its not climate change causing this, it’s the fact the so much building has been done on flood plains. There’s also so much concrete and not enough ground, that what earth there is can’t absorb all the water.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Someone help me here, but I’ve read a prediction, not here, that parts of England would be over come by water, a place/city that had seven towers/stacks and served as a port and London.
    Might had been a notradamus article.


  6. Bill says:

    Sorry but this is simply nonsense. It is also something commonly found in little piles in a feild with a bull in it.


  7. Betsy Weggesser says:



    • A say some of this weather is caused by man made weather modification programs, but not the vast majority of it. The entire planet is changing and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency on other planets and moons in the solar system.


  8. Marc says:

    I’m thinking the UK may be underwater by 2035!!


  9. Tracey says:

    Yes , I m certain it was Nostradamus , he cited that Englan would become a series of island due to flooding….


  10. Irene C says:

    Alvin. I read this article that you might find interesting.


    Climate Change May Lead to Fewer but More Violent Thunderstorms

    ScienceDaily (July 10, 2012) — Researchers are working to identify exactly how a changing climate will impact specific elements of weather, such as clouds, rainfall, and lightning. A Tel Aviv University researcher has predicted that for every one degree Celsius of warming, there will be approximately a 10 percent increase in lightning activity.


  11. tonic says:

    Just tell me what next weeks weather will be like. Maybe then I will read this prediction with the merit it deserves.


  12. Just the effects of a sea level rise of a few inches could cause civilised life to be disrupted in many parts of the UK. Meanwhile the wandering Jet Stream caused havoc to our Spring and Summer.


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