Chaos in skies over Britain: forecasters describe horrific summer as ‘the worst since records began’

July 7, 2012 UNITED KINGDOMBritain is facing its “worst ever” summer with cold wet weather ruining family holidays and blighting the Olympics, forecasters warned last night. August is set to be a washout following a miserable July and the wettest June since records began – meaning summer is effectively over. Gloomy forecasts suggest dire weather will continue as officials last night put Britain on flood alert after torrential downpours yesterday wreaked havoc. As the Environment Agency warned of a “potential danger to life” with rivers swelling to breaking point in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Wales, Government forecasters were on standby to brief the Cabinet if severe floods strike. The agency last night issued 51 flood warnings – meaning flooding is expected – and 135 alerts. Monsoon-like downpours hit 85,000 music fans at the T In The Park festival in Kinross, Scotland, and 28,000 Formula 1 spectators camping for the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone. Race meetings today in Nottingham and Carlisle were cancelled while play was delayed on all courts at Wimbledon – other than Centre Court. In Leeds, organizers cancelled music festival MFEST over safety concerns. Emergency services reported a surge of flood callouts, dispatched special operations teams and told motorists not to drive through floodwater. The misery is set to continue with parts of the Midlands and northern Britain braced for six inches of rain – more than two months’ worth – in the 72 hours to tomorrow night. Tony Waters, deputy chief forecaster at the Met Office, said: “We are expecting very heavy and thundery rain, with worst affected spots likely to be in central and northern parts.  “Some places could see around 100mm (3.9in). The Met Office said the washout will continue into August. A spokesman said: “A protracted spell of hot, sunny weather looks very unlikely.” Forecasters MeteoGroup last night described this summer as “the worst since records began.” Forecaster Paul Knightley said: “This is as bad a summer as we can get in this country. “It’s wet, cool and dull. It’s not wrong to suggest the first half of summer has been the worst since records began.” Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: “There is no settled fine weather on the horizon and August looks as doomed as July. It is a bitterly disappointing summer and already set to be in the top five wettest on record. “The first couple of days of the Olympics are likely to be very wet indeed, and the rest of the Games unsettled.” –Express
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24 Responses to Chaos in skies over Britain: forecasters describe horrific summer as ‘the worst since records began’

  1. tonic says:

    A friend had her wedding today. Total washout. Nightmare for photos, and most people were wearing wellies.
    And no end in sight.


  2. Larry UK says:

    I do not know how Jonathan Powell has the audacity and gaul to make any kind of comment as he so often gets it wrong.His reputation with his company Vantage Weather Services emboldened him to change his company which was Positive Weather Solutions.There was nothing ‘positive’ about his comments or predictions.It was he who forecast the great ‘barbeque summer’ last year.It never happened.He forecast a long sunny week-end .It never happened.He originally forecast a hot three months of continued hot weather last year.It never happened.Earlier this year he forecast a hot summer and what have we now in the UK.Continued deluges.This man should be prosecuted for bogus comments and incorrect forecasting and one knows it is not an exact science.Mr Jonathan powell seems to offer such information under what is tantamount to false pretences and Mr Powell is the only man and his company that has a knack and gift for fooling the public.Piers Corbyn is also a forecaster who is has a 70 per cent accuracy reading.I understand his science uses sun spot activity and he gets high fees for getting it right.


    • William Garland says:

      I totally agree and it is interesting to note he has changed the name to Vantage Weather Solutions. When Mr Powell operated under the moniker of Positive Weather Solutions, I often asked myself, what was positive about his Weather forecasts? (which were either woefully inaccurate or vastly exaggerated) and what on earth is he and his organisation trying to solve? Though one National Newspaper used to and as I understand, still does, lap up everything he says. In winter he often forecasts Big Freezes, which end up as nothing more than a keen North or North easterly breeze and a few wintery showers, with perhaps some hill snow on the Scottish mountains. His Summer Heatwaves, usually amount to nothing more than a couple of days in the South East of the country where the temperature might just rise to 22 degrees, with some light cloud and sunshine. Talking about degrees, I think a certain degree of silence is needed from this particular gentlemen.


  3. Sam Beckett says:

    Heat waves, weird giant hailstorms, weather just like in this article & so on…just as we saw in the Day After Tomorrow….now we are living it. Global Warming & climate change is the reason why all this is happening & each day that passes, things get worse…more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, & all natural disasters


    • Nateradomous says:

      I think that global warming,climate change & now “extreme climate change” are made up words for what is the cause of the earth,sun,moon changes we see today, Colorado last week grounded the aircraft that were fighting the fires via air due to a “meteorite warning”. Have you, or anyone ever heard of that type of warning…I wonder if there is a siren for that yet?


    • tonic says:

      What is the catalyst for awareness? I can still ask my neighbour how worried he is about, financial collapse, changing weather patterns, La Palma, Bolivia, and STILL.. he will have no idea what I am speaking of.
      It just, does my head in.


      • Nkosazana says:

        I hear you on that. Frustrating that so many are so blind.


      • Suzie B says:

        I agree, it is very STRANGE. Even people who one would think would be aware (i.e. they seem to be interested in Rio, have solar panels etc.) look at you in amazement when you talk about global earth changes. The mainstream news coverage is very poor. Thank heavens for Extinction Protocol!!!


    • Rik says:

      Climate Change; yes. Global Warming; not specifically. GW is something TPTB have us believe is happening so they can tax the arse out of us on a regular basis. The Earth naturally goes through these climate changes with or without the aid of humankind, we are no more speeding up the process than Mother Earth is letting us – when she’s had enough, we’re f*cked – her decision.


    • Barry says:

      Look back in time and see that the Earth always heats up and cools down in cycles. It’s also worth noting that every planet in our solar system is heating up. “Global Warming” is a government lie


  4. Marie-Louise says:

    Well, maybe these very wet and windy conditions will spoil, or flood, the sionist olympic games (non-capitalized intentionally). Why not?

    Maybe the Beloved is tired of these celebrations of egos, not to say this adoration of idols or mass satanic rituals Athletes are no gods. Competition, competition, competition. We are so, so blind, brainwashed and blind. Felines are made to jump five times higher than their height, not us. lol

    May Mercy be greater than Justice!


    • Christine C. says:

      Amen to what you just said–I couldn’t agree more! I was thinking, so far as the rain goes, how I kind of wish we could trade places with the UK, in a way, since it’s been so totally dry here since spring–my poor garden is threatening to become a desert landscape!—but, I keep remembering how many floods this country has had in the last few years, so I think I’ll belay asking our heavenly Father to swap us out with them.:)


    • prayntongues says:

      Marie-Louise: Your’e a fine one to point your finger at the “adoration of idols or mass satanic rituals”…you are a perfect example of Matthew 7:3. You correctly say “We are so, so blind, brainwashed and blind”, not knowing you are speaking of yourself. If your RCC hosted the statue of our lady of fatima (non-capitalized intentionally), the blind RCs will pack the place, bowing, kneeling and kissing the feet of a ceramic goddess (graven image),holding beads,and synchronized praying of vain repetitions (Matthew 6:7) all the while condemning the other “idol worshippers” (olympic spectators). We live in a world of strange gods and idolatry, whether it be a religious or secular nature. While many are trying to figure out the cause of the extreme/freak weather, there are a few that know, the time is now to have the oil lamps full at all times, for the Bridegroom cometh at any moment. Matt 25:1-13.


      • Linda M says:

        No need to Catholic bash, prayntongues. All Christians believe basically the same things and in the One True Word, Jesus. We all just have different ways of expressing, sharing, worshiping. Peace.


  5. Irene C says:

    Oh, what those of us in the heated, dry US would give for some of that rain and what they would give for some of our heat. The climate has truly gone crazy. However, those of us who have been watching knew that this would happen. Thank you Alvin for keeping us educated.



  6. Mann says:

    Truly exciting times!


  7. matt in london says:

    weather is always crap in the UK, try living here


  8. penny says:

    yes The Day afterTomorrow definatly!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Grandpa says:

    Just think. If we had industry here like in the old days wed have alot of rain and snow again too . but you know Blame it on climate (change)


  10. davidgreybeard says:

    It’s pretty screwy how we have blazing heat and sodden cool and flooding in the same hemisphere at the same time. Don’t know what our climate is changing to, but it’s definitely gotten as unbalanced as a drunken unicyclist!


  11. isis2012 says:

    The truth just may be to big for many minds to accept … the sun and the earth core working together are heating up things all through the heliosphere … the process has begun … and when it’s all said and done … a new star will be born … and all that is happening now on the Mother Earth is a process necessary to get the people ready for a temporary frequency shift into a alternat safety zone … this is just the beginning of many woes


  12. Steve says:

    This all began with the initiation of a “hose-pipe ban” and threats of ‘stand pipes’ and ‘water meters’! Lol!
    That’ll teach ’em!


  13. Daisy Flame says:

    It’s hard to believe that here in the UK we started our spring with a drought and hosepipe bans after our dry winter. As SOON as they said we were officially in drought it started raining and it hasn’t stopped yet. We’ve had one nice week of weather back in March and the current mood in the UK is pretty miserable. I know we like to talk about our rubbish weather but this year takes the biscuit!


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