India’s death toll from flood tops 100

July 6, 2012 INDIA The death toll in the Assam floods on Thursday rose to 100 even as the waters started to recede in most of the 27 affected districts except Dhemaji. However, the rising water level of the Jiadhal River submerged several villages in the morning. The surging waters have also affected parts of National Highway 52 in the district. “The waters of Brahmaputra river that flooded the district along with other parts of the state since June 22 have started to recede and people have begun returning to their homes from relief camps,” Dhemaji Deputy Commissioner MS Manivannan said. “However, the water of Jiadhal has inundated some villages of the district on Thursday. People there have been shifted to higher places,” he said, adding that the administration was extending all possible help to the flood victims. Meanwhile, 16 people died in a landslide while another 16 are reported missing from various districts across the state. With 31 deaths, Barpeta district recorded the highest number of human casualties due to floods till Thursday. The State Disaster Management Authority said conditions were improving in almost all the 27 districts except Dhemaji. –Oman Tribune
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4 Responses to India’s death toll from flood tops 100

  1. Wi says:

    200,000 people die in road accidents in India every year. 100 deaths due to flooding is not news worthy by comparison.


    • Accidents are caused by humans —– this is Earthchanges. The former is preventable.


      • suz says:

        India is very flood prone to say the least. Floods are the most common natural disaster in India. But, this year India was dryer than normal in early June and then in one week 1/3 rain fell what typically falls during the entire monsoon season, which is from june to Sept. So that is a little extreme.


    • John says:

      Floods in the past have killed over 200,000 people in one simple incident. Case in point: Tsunamis


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