22 Responses to Clinton’s tough rhetoric shows deepening international divide over crisis in Syria

  1. John Durango says:

    Iraq has verified that Al Qaeda is fighting with the Syrian rebels as they did with the Libyan rebels.
    The USA and NATO is fighting on the side of Al Qaeda our mortal enemies that killed many of our military and over 2200 in the twin towers bombing… Something is very wrong with the complete terrorist war against Al Qaeda that has destroyed many innoocent lives and enriched the Military industrial Complex.. Why isn’t this support of Al Qaeda by Clinton and NATO investigated by our news media?


  2. Ron says:

    Tensions can only continue to build for so long until someone makes their move.


  3. John says:

    I don’t understand why the West wants to replace these Mideast dictators with something worse, which is a militant religious movement like what has happened in Egypt. You have to choose the lesser of two evils when it comes to supporting dictators around the globe. Would you rather have Assad in charge of things in Syria or the Muslim Brotherhood? Would you rather have Sadam Hussein in charge in Iraq or religious zealots? Would you rather have Ghadaffi in charge of Libya or radical jihadists? Would you rather have the Shah of Iran in charge of Iran or what we have today? It’s all about choosing the lesser of two evils, but some people in leadership do not seem to have the intellectual depth to understand this simple concept.


  4. Dave says:

    Mrs Clinton really does seem to want to get Iran, then Russia, then China in the bag, she wont be happy till Russia & China go to war with America, I am wondering how long they will wait before they give her what she’s asking for, will Russia & China hit first, or will they wait till America hits first?


    • Bill says:

      Psalm 83 talks of an unusual alliance of nations that will make war with Israel, USA and UK and defeat them. Russia and China will not be in this alliance. Ancient Assur or Assyria, not modern syria will be in this alliance. This alliance is now forming through the war in syria. There will be a war with Iran and other shia nations who will lose to this alliance of sunni’s, UK USA Israel and the EU. It is the EU with the nations in psalm 83 that will defeat the uk usa and israel. This alliance of psalm 83 will be lead by a leader from Europe. As a certain leading nation of Europe, descendts of Assur, Assyria will make to rule the world.


  5. mommatke says:

    She can’t hide who is next on her list for termination. Remember what she said for Gaddafi: we came, we saw, WE KILLED HIM, no emotions…….fu…ng bitch! Even though in Geneva all sides have shown a will to solve the situation as peacefully as possible!


  6. Roger Aak says:

    Is Clinton not aware of that she is fulfilling a 2500 year prophecy in Dan 11:44? China (east) and Russia (north) are also fulfilling their part of the prophecy. Even if they are told, they will continue as propheciest. That is a good thing with prophecies, they cannot be obstructed.


    • deb says:

      Maybe when they realize what they have done, they will bow down to the one true God who foretold all these things from days of old.


  7. davidgreybeard says:

    And the stage becomes more and more set for the endgame. All of the prophets, especially Daniel, indicate that there will be short but bloody war to inaugurate the reign of the beast, and it is a war that seems to focus on Syria. The time grows shorter and shorter everyday and soon we will know who the Enemy is, for whoever manages to hammer together a Middle East peace accord will be him. I don’t usually get preachy, but events are moving fast and in exactly the right direction.


  8. I don’t see an easy way around this. To let Syria be Syria to their people is to call for inhumane suffering. Then is there NO recompense for this? We stay in the shadows and the world becomes a darker place. We intervene and become pawns of power structures we do not see. It’s not the people upfront that call the shots. It’s the abyss of convoluted peoples that support either side. To referee, we need a BIG whistle. To protect, we need a BIGGER shield than technology and the military can give us. I’m likely to think this is one of those great detracting moments on the way to financial ruin. Selfish, isn’t it! I just want everyone to live peacefully with their neighbor.


  9. Bill says:

    The wicked witch will soon have her come uppence. Haughty, arrogant and vile she says things that only should be said behind closed doors. Or is this a charade? Maybe she thinks she has Russia (Mr Putin) and China over a barrel?…..I think not….


  10. Dan Sherwood says:

    What a great idea to calm things down in the region, threaten Russia and China. (NOT)


  11. deb says:

    It’s truly sad knowing what is coming for Syria. I wish there was a viable way to get all the innocents out of that country. I hope they can still flee even now. They are just people living lives and raising families instead of thinking of killing, war and weapons. This could be any of us…it’s just sad…


  12. son of man says:

    I have long regarded Hillary Clinton as a horrible war-monger, praising/ funding/ embrasing some dictators/ monachies/ despots while preaching to the world from her safe and lofty perch who should be condemed, over-thrown and or killed. She seems to think that the world regards her as some sort of humanitarian crusader, instead of another corrupt politician hell bent on destruction….of other countries of course! I’m not sure who’s bidding she is doing, I can’t imagine it’s what the American people desire? Can’t someone restrain her…..or at least tell her to shut up 😉


  13. jehjeh007 says:

    I just looked at the youtube video included and it was chocked full of lies (twisting the truth is a lie). Peter Oliver-“They can’t be using the Russian Helicoptors” and Mark Almond – “It is as almost as she is personalizing this”. It took 15 – 20 thousand dying BEFORE any rebel actions occurred. Those people where just protesting, not tearing up property, yet some here bash people for caring about that and trying to make “caring” a weakness (Mark Almond attempt to feminize Clinton)? I’m glad Mrs. Clinton is a b*tch. THAT IS WHY I HIRED HER. You go girl……..(a snap and 3 twist xox) – LOL. If momma ain’t happy, the whole house ain’t happy. Snap Russia or else………


  14. Cerey Runyon says:

    This whole Mid-East thing and the tensions therein, as well as, our involvement is difficult and spooky and very unclear. As Americans we despise dictators who murder segments of their population. This is understandable. But then we have involved ourselves (Global Elite) in ways that have not only been un-ethical, but in ways in which our interests are first and― we/they― will do anything (including assassinations) to further the goals, which again are unclear. We want to promote democracy, we think it is the best form of government, maybe it is not, and maybe there is a better way.
    Even Plato questioned democracy and Pericles (The Father of Democracy) was ousted and there exists rumors that he was asked to take the Greek way out (a bloodletting bath party; refer to the “Satyricon of Petronius” or Hemlock).
    Perhaps we should limit our involvement in a more benevolent way, and only give aid (no-arms) to those who are suffering, but this will never happen. I never have understood violence of any kind.
    The complexities are overwhelming. It is true that there are many more efficient and cheaper forms of energy, than oil and especially nuclear power. The only need to create nuclear power is to have access to enriched Plutonium to build bombs, or at least be in a position to do so as a threat or a means of defense, especially for Iran. The Israelis’ seem hell-bent on creating a crisis there. Syria and I ran do not have to create nuclear weapons to be a threat to Israel, all they have to do is target one of their nuclear power plants with conventional warheads.
    The Iranians and the Syrians hate and fear us. We would take over their governments, to put our own people in there, for our own interests, period―, if we could.
    Certainly we have enough problems of our own, here at home in the good old USA. And we all need to put a lot more effort into cleaning up the disaster at Fukushima, Japan.
    I really did not say anything; did I―?


    • Conor Brennan says:

      i agree. the elephant in the room is fukishima. all this posturing is just crap between the super powers. they are not children, they are countries and they wont go to war over stupid stuff.


  15. Quazar says:

    Nothing grows an economy faster than a war!


  16. Cerey Runyon says:

    I agree.We certainly seem to be living in an Orwellian society… War has always been a means for the rich to line their pockets. The Cheney and Halliburton scam is very disturbing.
    I must be very naive. I have a Utopian Complex. I liken myself to the main character in Dostoevsky’s; “The Dream of a Ridiculous man”. There must be a way we can take our planet back, to live in peace and harmony. I think there must be a movement along these lines or we will all perish.


    • lili-ni-viti says:

      There is a movement. It’s Leader’s name is Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, El Gabor to those who have fought the good fight alongside Him and carried their crosses and followed Him to obscurity to wait for their day. As surely as day follows night, that day will come; and it shall be glorious for the One who created it all for Himself.


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