8 Responses to 80% of the world’s industrial activity is now contracting

  1. Dingo says:

    this is not the news i wanted to hear, if true, the bumpy road begins on the next turn


  2. Artoro says:

    We should stop listening to THEIR expectations, they are unrealistic. We tend to let the media set our expectations and then we view the outcomes unrealistically. An example is, although we didn’t gain the number of jobs that were PREDICTED, bear in mind, it was a gain. Not a very big one, but a net gain nonetheless. As I sit here blogging, the news just reported that we ONLY had a net gain of 80K jobs for the month of June, and not the EXPECTED 150K jobs. What a bummer, that’s what they want us to think. It’s not a bummer for the 80K people that got the jobs, and it’s still positive growth as opposed to 80K jobs lost.

    The oil speculators make the price of gasoline go up just by speculating a higher price per barrel that isn’t real and the prices shoot up like crazy, even the gasoline that’s already at the station. Why do we keep falling for this crazy rhetoric? They are basing this job growth estimate on an unrealistic value. It’s based on estimated population growth rate (a guess) which could be a little more or a little less. They also include the birth rate (another guess) for the country, but babies don’t work, so why include them.

    If you were in the negative in your finances lets say by $100, and then you gained a thousand dollars it would improve your situation at least a little. You probably wouldn’t be able to fix everything but it gets you out of the red. I think we should live in the here and now and view any positive number (80K jobs gained) as good. Don’t let the media rent head space, think for yourselves.


  3. Taffyduff says:

    Just adds more to the pot of gloom does’nt it!
    Along with the gloomy British summer weather we are having at the moment.


  4. prayntongues says:

    LOL…I thought this article was going to be about “out sourcing” but it actually meant “shrinking”,which is nothing to laugh at. How long will this false security last? it seems we can barely look as far as today and be thankful by the end of the day, for tomorrow it could spiral out of control. My husband and I scrounge the weekly ads of the 3 supermarkets in our town to seek out deals for nonperishable food to eat for today and stock up our food closet. All household products are bought from dollar stores too: shampoo, lotion,dryer sheets, cleansers etc. Ten dollars can buy a lot.


  5. Rick says:

    Can you say “Peak Consumables”? Too much to buy, too few buyers.


  6. John says:

    Economic depressions can create a WROL environment like it did in Argentina. This is why we need to keep our finger on the economic pulse of the world and our own country. In a WROL situation only preppers stand somewhat of a chance of surviving a manageable life.


  7. Bill says:

    During the depression and wall street 1929 collapse. Economy’s re-booted in various ways. The UK developed the morris minor motor car. Cheap and effective. Who can invent now and re-boot the world?


    • tonic says:

      Good question. The automobile industry is mostly carried out by machines now. Machinery is doing most of what human labour did before.
      Odd that they need no wages, yet the world has never been in so much debt.


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