Argentina turns to the East and signs military agreement with China

July 5, 2012 BUENOS AIRES Argentina’s defense minister is visiting China, signing military agreements and praising the weapons on display during a six-day tour. Defense minister Arturo Puricelli says cooperation agreements that he signed with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie will strengthen ties between the Asian giant and Argentina. He calls China an economic, political and military partner and says the two countries’ strategic positions in terms of international security are almost entirely consistent. Argentina’s defense ministry says in a Wednesday statement that Puricelli also has visited Chinese defense contractors, viewing helicopters at one and guided weapon systems and anti-aircraft artillery at another. Chinese state-run media in Beijing have reported on the visit and say China wants to expand military cooperation with Argentina. –Sac Bee
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11 Responses to Argentina turns to the East and signs military agreement with China

  1. Lee H says:

    It’s weird, I had an idle thought the other day, that with all the trouble brewing in the middle east. If the U.K was drawn into a big conflict there Argentina would make another grab at the Falklands.
    With the announcement today that Britain is planning a massive cut to the army, we’d be too thinly spread to defend against a heavily re-armed Argentina.


    • Flagellation says:

      That’s what they would have you believe – and it worked

      Wake up to the big chess game

      Soon it will all be over and you can go back to watching Eastenders and not worrying about a game you have very little insight into

      There is a Trident sub in the Falklands, and Argentina know it


    • Dublintaff says:

      Very good point


    • John says:

      You are correct. It is only time, and Argentina will capture the Falklands. Britain cannot even contain the growing Muslim population which in time will totally change the demographics in England, and when that happens, Argentina will be able to own the Falklands.


  2. Ian says:

    Yes, especially if the Argies have new Chinese military hardware ……. now, why does China get involved with a broke country like Argentina? (answer .. see previous topic on this web site).


  3. FoxTrapper says:

    Guess everyone is choosing sides. At least we will know where everyone stands.


  4. John says:

    Looks like Argentina wants to be able to get their hands on those rare earth materials, so they are teaming up with the next super power of the earth. They have the biggest population. They have most of the rare earth materials. Bill Clinton gave them all the technology they needed to become a power in outer space. The U.S. is deeply in debt to them. China has bought up a lot of property and businesses in the United States. And their influence keeps on growing bigger day by day in the US and abroad. It’s like Khruschev said back in the 50’s…..America will fall from within.

    The big question as a prepper is how do you survive if China does subjugate America? Of course, it doesn’t look to be real soon. But, things can happen. For example, in the book, “One Second After”, America was hit with an EMP and the Chinese took advantage of that disaster and starting sending in troops to supposedly help. But, in reality, it could be a CME that disables America and not China. So, if America is disabled by a CME and the Chinese started bringing in ground troops, Aircraft carriers and the such, and they did subjugate America, how would you survive as a prepper in this land?

    90 percent of the population would perish within 3 weeks after a total melt down of the grid. How could 10 percent of the remaining population resist the Chinese army? They could not. A prepper could only survive by living in the mountains or in remote areas. Not in the cities. In time the demographics would be Chinese who would take over the cities.

    Learn Chinese now, while you still can.


  5. hilly7 says:

    I think the time for force like we use in the US and UK is about to end. There just ain’t that many places that like either these days. China is playing it smart. We fight in the Middle East and look bad and suffer deaths so that they can buy cheap oil and look clean. This war will not have winners or losers, and man power will not determine it. The next war will be fought with stones and arrows.


  6. idiot savant says:

    I live in Argentina. It´s about time the limeys sitting on the Malvinas were thrown into the sea, with a bit of Chow Mein to boot.


  7. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    We are now getting to see a clearer picture about ‘Who is on who’s side’, in the coming WWIII. So Argentina is joining China, which no doubt will include China’s baggage also, of Syria, Russia and Iran.


  8. Dennis E. says:

    When I read this post, I immediately thought of the Falkland Conflict and perhaps that Argentina
    is still sore about that and this military agreement with China could be a slap in the face of not only England, but the USA who supported them.
    I ponder the thought that Argentina still has ambitions of retaking the Falklands and this time they will be bringing their own hit man if they so desire.

    However, Argentina, count the cost of this agreement and what it could cost you……….
    I am not taking sides in this issue regarding the Falklands, just my opinion ………..


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