Unknown disease kills 61 children in Cambodia

July 4, 2012CAMBODIAAn unidentified disease has killed 61 young children in Cambodia in three months, the World Health Organization said Tuesday as it raced to identify the cause. “The number of deaths reported to WHO are 61 cases and they have all been in young children,” said Dr Nima Asgari, a public health specialist for the UN body in Cambodia, adding that the first casualties were reported in April. The WHO is currently working with the Cambodian Ministry of Health “to identify the cause and the route of spread of this disease,” he said. With the investigation still at an early stage, Asgari said it was difficult to specify the symptoms, which “include high fever and severe chest disease symptoms, plus in some children there were signs of neurological involvement.” There have been 62 reported cases so far, Asgari said, with just one patient surviving. The victims, all aged seven and under, were admitted to hospitals in the capital Phnom Penh and the northwestern tourist hub of Siem Reap. In separate comments sent to AFP, the WHO said there were no signs yet of contagion. “To date, there is no report of any staff or any neighboring patients to the cases at the hospitals becoming sick with similar symptoms,” it said. Asgari confirmed there was “no cluster of the cases yet” but said the high mortality rate in such a short space of time was worrisome. “WHO is always concerned about a disease which causes death in such high numbers of children,” he told AFP. Cambodian health ministry officials were not immediately available for comment. –Medical Xpress WHO
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12 Responses to Unknown disease kills 61 children in Cambodia

  1. Herkimer Diamond says:

    I wonder if it is time to purchase a hazmat suit with a self contained breathing apparatus and wear it when traveling to foreign countries?


  2. Christine C. says:

    Yet one more ‘mystery’ illness affecting just one subset–children–so sad–praying for them, and for us all.


  3. markLouis says:

    >” signs of neurological involvement”

    Does anyone know what that phrase is being used to mean here? Isn’t it sometimes a phrase used to hint at hysteria, and psychosomatic social “copy-cat” outbreaks?


  4. suz says:

    I’ve been to Cambodia….it’s very poor there. 12 million Cambodian live on less than $1 a day, a handful of people are extremely rich. There is no middle class. The government of Cambodia is corrupt and even though they have a lot of wealth from Angkor Wat and their natural resources the people have absolutely nothing. Makes me sick! I had a bad feeling when I was there and couldn’t wait to leave…the people nice but there is a bad energy. I can only imagine the horrors that went on there.


  5. Martin says:

    follow the money and the vaccination program for kids and you now what has happened , i think!


  6. Elke says:

    Hello Alvin,

    reading your site for a while now. Purchased your books on Lulu ( coming from France I live in Germany) Love your approach on things to happen. Go …
    The disease in Cambodia, – Eugenics, Vaccinations?


  7. niebo says:

    Sorry, Alvin; I left something out:

    By no means is this tidbit a diagnosis, but:

    From the CDC: http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/anthrax/faq/signs.asp

    “Inhalation anthrax: Initial symptoms may resemble a common cold – sore throat, mild fever, muscle aches and malaise. After several days, the symptoms may progress to severe breathing problems and shock. Inhalation anthrax is usually fatal.” For cutaneous and intestinal exposure, mortality statistics (up to 60 percent) are listed. Like this mystery illness, the illness associated with Anthrax is NOT contagious, at least, not without spore delivery from one person to another. . . which suggests a source of exposure, rather than a vector of contagion. That is, whatever has made them ill is more like poison than infection..


  8. July 9, 2012: Authorities diagnose disease afflicting children in Cambodia as Hand, Foot, and Mouth



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