3 Responses to Assad to ramp up crack-down against Syrian oppostion, Turkey continues military build-up on Syrian border

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    I wonder if Turkey will invade & attack Syria, as it would be much needed help for those opposed to the evil Assad dictatorship. I would rather not us get involved in Syria because Iraq & Afghanistan have really hurt our economy. However, so many lives have been lost, murdered…so many lives ruined, family’s destroyed by a truly cold uncaring army. To put money over peoples lives is morally wrong, we must get involved. Any true person of God should understand that


    • suz says:

      I don’t think Turkey wants a full scale military intervention to end the conflict. But they might attack if the US wants them to.
      You don’t need religion to hope, care and love. Most people have missed many of the most important things in life. It’s obvious to me that religion hasn’t helped us in that direction either. Traditionally we got our spirituality from the church and the family and in the modern world we get it from the movies. As a matter of fact the message of `Star Wars’ is religious… God isn’t dead, he’s there if you want him to be. “The laws really are in yourself.”
      We need to find a better way to teach right and wrong.


  2. Moostaff says:

    Pressure on Turkey to do something on the syrian border intensified today as Syrian Govt. Troops are now Raining Bombs on the Poor Turkmen people and their villages.,It Is Reportedly very close to the Turkish Border where Turkish soldiers can actually see The Attacks! WHEN WILL TURKEY RESPOND? They Pack all this Military power to their border and they dont do Squat! Wake Up Turkey! This Has Gone Far enough! Is Turkey Afraid Of Russia? **** Russia! Be A Hero And Help The Poor Turkmen! Just by letting Them In On The Border Isnt Good Enough! There are women and childern being slaughtered! They shot your jet down! Thats Grounds for Retaliation Of Somekind at least? I hate to call Them Cowardly,But History tells us wars have begun from This Kind Of Incidents! At Least Fire Off A couple of Heavy Artillery Rounds and say”Oops? Did We Do That?


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