Shallow 4.8 magnitude earthquake reported near Nabro volcano

July 1, 2012ERITREAWe have just received a USGS Notification of a new 4.8 magnitude earthquake in the immediate vicinity of the Nabro volcano. M4.8 is a very strong earthquake for volcanic circumstances. A new eruption cannot be excluded but we will have to wait until satellite images and SO2 satellite pictures are available and this can take a couple of hours. As far as we could see on this afternoon weather and Modis satellite images, NO eruption has taken place. Certainly to be followed closely the following days. EMSC has decreased the initial depth to a new shallow 5 km, but due to the error margins even this new value will not be very accurate but the USGS shows the earthquake erupted at a depth of 10 km (6.2) miles under the ground. We hope to receive the normally very accurate Djibouti data later today. The border area in between Eritrea and Ethiopia is an absolute NO GO zone controlled by the army. A lot of people were killed when the volcano erupted on June 12 2011. The erupted was detected by a M5.1 earthquake. –Earthquake report
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4 Responses to Shallow 4.8 magnitude earthquake reported near Nabro volcano

  1. Susan says:

    So much destruction from these events…so many displaced people, how the heck are we gonna have money to feed or rebuild for people? Relief aid is dwindling. We never hear the day to day follow up of the struggles and suffering after these events from these quakes, hurricans, tornadoes. People are suffering. Prayers to all people that we dont hear about who are trying to get their lives back together. Its heart breaking.


  2. Christine C. says:

    Amen to what you said, Susan–we used to hear of how our gov’t was scrambling aid, and volunteers to go and help–the gov’t represents us, uses our money to help others, so most felt very comforted by our gov’t responses to disasters around the globe–now, there are so very many disasters day by day that it’s mind numbing to think of how much help everyone seems to need–plus, there is so much corruption in the gov’t these days, that money seems to disappear like a rabbit down it’s hole, that it gives us a helpless feeling–we still want to help, but how to do that has now become the issue–thanks be to God and Christ, we can pray for help to come from God, if from nowhere else–without God’s help, we’d all be in far more dire straits than we are already.


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