Earthquake swarm strikes Baja, California as tension builds along the fault

July 1, 2012 CALIFORNIA An intense earthquake swarm has erupted around Baja, California following the stress eruption of shallow twin 4.6 and 4.7 magnitude earthquakes. The two earthquakes have produced about 16 notable aftershock tremors. The Pacific Plate is being nudged northward and the North American plate is moving southward and tension is building along the southern region of the strike-slip fault known as Laguna-Salada. The region saw a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 1892 and a second major stress eruption occurred with another 7.2 earthquake on April 4, 2010. Prior to 2010, the region had not produced a major earthquake in over 100 years. Since 2010, the region has only grown more restless. 2012 saw a notable increase in tension along the region of the fault which has been exacerbated by movements of the Cocos plate to the south. –The Extinction Protocol
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18 Responses to Earthquake swarm strikes Baja, California as tension builds along the fault

  1. sKeptical citizen says:

    I wonder which will happen first. The pole shift & dramatic earth changes or nuclear war? Since we are going to have the earth changes no matter what I believe thay are preferable to WWIII?


    • coyote says:

      God knows, we don’t ,BUT the pole shift would be one way to cut man’s evil plans down.


    • tonic says:

      Throw financial collapse into the pot aswell. The whole thing feels surreal, except its not.
      I see WW111 not as a war, but suicide, plain and simple.

      When I was a kid, and problems came along, my Dad would always say “Don’t worry about anything, the world is held in the hand of God”.
      Maybe he was right, who knows, and all this will be taken out of our control soon.


    • about nuclear war…i think fukushima was a very good start (thx Haarp)…the nuclear war is now from over one year man!
      I think the guy who said in the comments that he saw a big flash in the night means haarp is working!!!!
      The georgia stones explain everything about their plan…google it!(10 commandments)first:maintain the population around 500 millions people on the planet….look forward to discover the followings commandments…
      And if you are not aware, google the jessie ventura fema camps and thousands of coffins documentary…(alex jones made one documentary one also).good times in perspective….


  2. Stewart says:

    It certainly looks like California is getting ready to have a big problem. Think about whats happening in the United States right now. Epic fires burning out of control in the west, Florida just had a massive flooding problem due to hurricane, the strange storms that have ravaged the northeast and left millions without power, excessive heat throughout country, etc…. Isaiah Chapter 9.

    May God keep and Bless everyone through what is to come


  3. Barry says:

    Do you have any insights as to how the activity in Northern Baja might be impacting seismic zones further up the West Coast (i.e. Cascadia)? From your research, do you feel the Baja swarm is a manifestation of more localized stress, or something much broader within the eastern side of the Pacific Ring of Fire ?


    • I

      I think the activity in Baja, California is specific to California at present meaning the entire strike-slip fault zone of the San Andreas but the tension is localized or concentrated on the southern end of the zone from the Elsinore Fault Zone down to La Gunga Salada and the Gulf of California. However, seismic activity has become chronic along the San Juan de Fuca region near Vancouver, which portends that Cascadia is also being perturbed.




  4. Therese D says:

    Stayed up until about 3AM watching the activity. There was a flash in the sky last night over So Cal this one was stronger than the ones I have noted on previous occassions. I have my theories on what will happen at this point.


    • Tom says:

      What flashes in the sky? Can you elaborate more upon what you have witnessed and how it relates to EQ activity in the past down there?


    • Just Wondering says:

      What “flash”? I am in Imperial, just about 10 miles north of Mexicali. Would appreciate the info.


    • windsofchange says:

      I am in So.CA….so.eastern desert.What activity is going on that you watched!?


    • Bob says:

      After reading Therese D’s account of flashing lights, it reminded me of an 7.2 magitude earth quake I experienced on 29 November 1975 on the Hawaii (the Big Island). There were two shakers, one at about 4:AM the second one about an hour later. When the big one hit there was a great flash of light all around the horizon. It only lasted a couple of seconds. This is during the height of the Cold War with the USSR, I thought Honolulu was being nuked! I had been hiking to a beach side camp ground that is now under water. I got a late start and didn’t make it all the way to the camping area, I was about 3 miles short and didn’t want to fall into a puka hole (Hawaiian for a fissure) in the lava rocks so I camped where I was. It turns out two people died and some others were injured. If the above date and time are Googled, a report on the USGS website gives details on that event.


  5. AJ says:

    I’m always concerned about the New Madrid fault line because of family living so close to it. A large earthquake in the center of the U.S. with the magnitude of the 1911-1912 earthquakes that happened there would be devastating now due to all the large cities in the area! I hope the earthquakes today aren’t a prelude to a large one that’s about to happen in California! Hoping for the best!


  6. Joseph says:

    I think everyone should read the Joe Brandt story, he talks about volcanic activity and THE earthquake


  7. Granny Bear says:

    Hi Therese
    What are our theories, at this point? What do you anticipate? What kind of flash in the sky?
    Thank you.


  8. Chuck Hyde says:

    I offer a theory. How much rain has fallen on the opposite side of the country? From Eastern Canada to gulf coast of Florida about 500 miles inland? My guess is a lot with the lingering storms in the southeast. Now consider how much water is being evaporated in the drought ridden areas of the Southwest from Texas up through Wyoming over to the Mississippi River? If one side of the continent is soaked and flooding and the middle is brittle and less saturated, the continent would be a little heavier on the east coast, wouldn’t this be slightly unloading a tensionally loaded west coast. The continent is basically a large complex compressed sponge for cyclic water displacement. Less water weight, less saturation, equates in my mind to imbalance of pressure on the North American plate. Just a theory… Could explain all these weird sounds folks are hearing in the midwest down to Louisiana. A question I have would be, what resonant sounds would the earth make if varying depths of the crust are adapting to abnormally large changes in continental weight distribution, basically what sound does the crust make if it is being asked to bend, kind of like when a tree creaks when the wind blows hard. Earthquakes are lower frequency, maybe there are harmonics to the lower frequencies generated by earthquakes.


  9. Ellen Wallace says:

    I agree about Cascadia…The history of Cascadia shows that the San A. has problems after the shaking. The Pacific NW has had a lot of rain…Not a lot of sun. Check out the Cascadia fault line on USGS. I am afraid that one or the other will blow and then what happens to Yellowstone? If you don’t believe California’s earthquakes don’t effect Yellowstone, look at the history, it’s there. Any way you look at it, it ain’t too pretty…


  10. I’m angry and hurt, that the truth about whats been happening within our Envioment is, first Man made and that it’s been going on the pass 40 years. That’s right man has been manipulating and altering our weather to suit his agenda. So, all those years I thought it was purely nature, not true no more.


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