Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts, prompts evacuations

July 1, 2012COLOMBIA – Colombia evacuated people from communities close to the Nevado del Ruiz volcano after an eruption on Saturday that spewed smoke and ash from its crater, bringing back memories of avalanches that in 1985 buried tens of thousands under rocks. President Juan Manuel Santos said on his Twitter account that the area around the Nevado del Ruiz, in the central spine of Colombia’s Andean mountain range, had been put on red alert and people should leave the area. Even as volcanic activity began to subside, emergency services urged 4,800 residents in Caldas and nearby Tolima province to get to safety, according to Carlos Ivan Marquez, who heads the security effort. The volcano is about 110 miles west of the capital Bogota. “It’s fundamental that communities near to the volcano follow all security recommendations; that means preventative evacuations and that people remain calm,” Marquez said. Communities around the volcano, also known by the indigenous name Kumanday, usually heed government warnings to flee as memories remain fresh of the 1985 tragedy that killed as many as 25,000 and injured 5,000. Back then, as the 17,400-feet (5,300-metre) volcano erupted, mud, rocks and lava exploded from the mountain and collapsed onto the valley town of Armero as residents slept, killing almost all who lived there. –Reuters
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3 Responses to Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts, prompts evacuations

  1. Therese D says:

    Okay June 17 2012 BBC News Article “People living on its slopes said they had heard “strong, strange noises coming from the summit of the 5,346m-high mountain on Friday and Saturday.” ” and “Scientists at the observatory warned there was a risk of an eruption “within days or weeks”. Baja just kicked in and a Nevada .. I felt a quick odd rumble around 7:27-ish while sitting on my couch in Garden Grove Ca. We will see what happens. Colombia is conveniently located close to Guatemala and the Carribean Plate. Not to mention events that coincided with the 1985 eruption.


  2. Anjith AK says:

    its the 58th i hope


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