Mysterious bubbles and houses are shifting in Bayou Corne, Louisiana

June 30, 2012ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA  – Mysterious bubbles are rising up out of an Assumption Parish bayou. Officials are trying to figure what’s causing them. Take a ride down Bayou Corne, and there are bubbles of all sizes along the waterway. “We have reported on May 30th a pipeline leak, which started us coming out and investigating a bubbling in Bayou Corne,” said Assumption Parish Homeland Security Director John Boudreaux. Since then though, pipeline officials have not ruled that out just yet, but said it’s unlikely. So now, investigators are going through the process of elimination. By coincidence, since the bubbling began, many in Assumption Parish are worried. “Our houses are shifting and there are cracks in our sheet rock and our foundation,” said Jason Hugh. “My home moved, and my home shook. My home moved, and I’m on cement,” said Debra Charlet. Officials don’t know yet whether the two are related. Boudreaux has taken samples of the bubbles and sent them off for testing. Those samples are expected back in the next couple of weeks. Officials are monitoring the bubbles twice a day. As for now, no evacuations have been issued and the waterways remain open. –WAFB
contribution by Emanni
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20 Responses to Mysterious bubbles and houses are shifting in Bayou Corne, Louisiana

  1. krystal says:

    Oh my! What is that all about???


  2. David says:

    Future sinkhole? Look up Lake Peigneur. In 1980, some oil drillers accidentally drilled into a salt mine, which was under the lake. Needless to say, it flooded the mine and collapsed the surface all around the lake. It’s only about 50 miles away from the location in this article. ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA


      • Deb says:

        Wowsers!!! I never heard of this before! That was amazing and what a prime example of how man destroys our earth!


    • raven eye spirit says:

      yes also land water one in the same so to speak perma frost liquid same concept…the lintel is so delicate before oil is taken out think on shelly limbstone its the earths skeleton like the sac that seperates the water from water lover of the living link keeper of the land she will fix herself no matter how much she suffers but how sad in never realizing what we lose so much life lost but as the raven went into the void the dove did return with an olive so hope i will hang on to…sign off just a thought not a debate stay safe and thanks for sharing.


  3. Therese D says:

    This is a bit freaky …


  4. richfish30 says:

    A volcano is rising!


  5. Could it be methane? A stepchild of the BP explosion?


  6. Swamp Gas deposits


  7. Daniel Hughes says:

    All I can say is, If H. P. Lovecraft were here today, he would be logging on to TEP for inspiration every day.


  8. l agree with RICHFISH30, this is a very strong possiblity, a similar has happened in Africa, and it was under a volcanic lake and a massive explosion as the methane gas underneath escaped causing almost instant death as it swept like a lowlying mist along the ground, the fact the houses are moving are also indicative of potential sinkhole, l just hope that they evacuate the people in time


  9. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Why don’t they evacuate Louisiana and Wyoming(approx 50 people) once and for all and use these area’s for minning of natural resources only! There’s lots of room in Montana for relocation and far enough away they couldn’t find their way home! We’d have to let the Border Patrol Know what’s going on, wouldn’t want a large group of strangers with accents to be confused for invading Canadians. Dick Cheney would secure Wyoming and the required political cooperation/authorization because he’d love the idea of no people(he hates everybody, shoots them when he can),oil derricks and coal fired electricity producing plants as far as the eye can see. As far as securing Lousiana, just take some gators, fishing poles and the LSU & Saints fooball teams, they won’t know the difference! But what about winter snow you say, no problem, black out the windows,Tell them their new job(pay them from the mining revenue) is to watch football games during the daylight hours from Oct.1st thru June1st(they can go outside the rest of the year to hunt and fish during daylight hours) and nobody be the wiser! Yes there are many details to be worked out i.e,online banking, home schooling(1st-8th grade), delivery of such items as food,beer,personal hygene ite……ah,er,scratch that,beer,literature(gun’s&ammo,playboy,road&track,playboy,field&stream,playboy,national enquirer,playboy), beer, amunition/fishing equip.(June 1st-August 31st)and, beer. That should cover most everything, oh, wait, forgot one minor detail, Montana will have to be upgraded to indoor plumbing. We’ll that should do it, i’m sure the other fine details can be worked out on the fly. If anyone has any further idea’s or geographical area’s(i’m from the N.W. USA) better suited, i’d lovvvveeee to hear(he,he,he)them!!!!!!!! Have a great day and God Bless 🙂


  10. Helen Parks says:

    Looks like the water is travelling downwards displacing air pockets as it slides into the faultlines
    This is called “lubrication” of Earth faults
    What it MEANS = run


  11. tim says:

    why would it take weeks to get the sample results? a simple 02/C02 analyzer could instantly determine if its flammable or carbon dioxide. unless theyre looking for solublized contaminants?


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      I actually thought the same thing, it goes to show nothing except an “event” warrants urgency. somewhere between the “fight or flight’ response, mankind has a “hmmm, wonder what that is” lack of response. We saw it with the people on the beach looking at the comming tsunami wave, while we’re all mentally screaming RUN, their standing there thinking……….


  12. I am wondering if perfaps there is a salt dome that was used for strategic oil reserves in the area. If this is the case by pumping out the oil, it wouls leave aa void, this will leave an air piocket which would find a small crack /fissure and escape upwards. as the water filled the dome in, the pressure would rise, finding it’s way to the surface…..just a thought


  13. Grateful Reader says:

    Early yesterday morning a report was made to the NRC about worsening conditions in the area:

    An evacuation was ordered and many, but not all residents left the area. Pipelines are being shutdown in the area, too. Nobody knows what is happening for sure, but a salt cavern is being inspected. You can find news on this easily.

    Good work in picking up on this in the early stages. I hope the problem is solvable and that residents’ health has not been compromised.


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