Ireland experiences its wettest June on record

June 30, 2012IRELANDIreland has been hit by torrential rain as the summer disappears again – with parts of Cork and Belfast flooded. Emergency services are struggling to cope with the flash floods across the country as homes are left without electricity. The towns of Douglas, Bandon and Clonakilty in Cork are badly flooded with some areas under three feet of water. Residents were evacuated from the Ballyvolane area of Cork city while there is no access in or out of Clonakilty. The Irish Independent reports that up to 15,000 homes in Cork are currently without electricity after the overnight storms which saw 70mm of rain fall in a few hours. Flooding has also been reported in parts of Sligo and Tipperary and motorists have been warned to take extreme care. Cork County Council has confirmed that it activated a flood response plan after the torrential rain. Ireland’s weather service Met Eireann issued a flood alert to more than a dozen county councils with 70mm of rain forecast to fall in parts of Munster, Connacht, south Leinster and the midlands. Despite warm temperatures, there could be torrential downpours due to heavy thunderstorms according to Met Eireann. “The worst of the rain is over but it has been the wettest June on record,” said forecaster Evelyn Cusack. Belfast has also been badly hit by the torrential rain. A police spokeswoman said: “Most of the main arterial routes in east and south Belfast are impassable due to flooding, abandoned cars and debris.” –Irish Central 
UK hit by record rainfall: This April to June was the wettest on record as a major clean-up operation takes place in northern Britain following freak storms. Homes well away from rivers and streams were flooded and cars were submerged after Thursday’s heavy rainfall. Northern England, the Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland were worst hit by storms that brought lightning, giant hail stones and reports of damage from squalls and tornadoes. In stark contrast, southern parts of Britain enjoyed dry weather and temperatures as high as 28C. Sky’s weather presenter Isobel Lang said: “Rainfall figures still have to be confirmed, but this June could end up being the wettest on record beating that of 2007 when there was also widespread and severe flooding. “It’s also been downright dull and much cooler than average – a miserable start to summer that’s for sure. Worryingly, this is off the back of the wettest April on record and the Environment Agency has said that according to their statistics it has been the wettest April to June ever. Will the weather improve during July? Some sunnier spells are likely between the rainy days, but the general theme is still for rather changeable and showery weather for the next couple of weeks. The end of the month looks drier and sunnier which at least brings some hope.” –Yahoo News
contribution James and Garth W.
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5 Responses to Ireland experiences its wettest June on record

  1. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    This type of weather, record rain, drought, heat waves(world wide) must be reeking havoc on the farmland and crops in general. With the already weakend world economy, adding insurance claims and food shortages from weather events and natural disaster’s will be the “storm” that destroys the economy, which leads to civil unrest, anarchy and war, ushering in the NWO


  2. Ian says:

    “The end of the month looks drier and sunnier which at least brings some hope. ” – just in time for the Olympic Games!!!

    I’ve got my uniform and will be busy with Games Maker duties, and following EP via the subscribers email service on my smartphone.


  3. A.Delaney says:

    According to a few sites the freak storms across the UK were supercells. Thought this one described what happened quite nicely: There are quite a few good photos online as well, I urge you to take a look, makes interesting reading.


  4. tonic says:

    Ireland has had enough already. Hang in there.


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