Seismologists warn Japan against restarting nuclear reactors

June 29, 2012JAPAN Two prominent seismologists said on Tuesday that Japan is ignoring the safety lessons of last year’s Fukushima crisis and warned against restarting two reactors next month. Japan has approved the restart of the two reactors at the Kansai Electric Power Ohi nuclear plant, northwest of Tokyo, despite mass public opposition. They will be the first to come back on line after all reactors were shut following a massive earthquake and tsunami last March that caused the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl at Tokyo Electric Power’s Daiichi Fukushima plant. Seismic modeling by Japan’s nuclear regulator did not properly take into account active fault lines near the Ohi plant, Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismologist at Kobe University, told reporters. “The stress tests and new safety guidelines for restarting nuclear power plants both allow for accidents at plants to occur,” Ishibashi told reporters. “Instead of making standards stricter, they both represent a severe setback in safety standards.” Experts advising Japan’s nuclear industry had underestimated the seismic threat, Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a tectonic geomorphology professor at Toyo University, said at the same news conference. The expertise and neutrality of experts advising Japan’s Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency are highly questionable,” Watanabe said. After an earthquake in 2007 caused radiation leaks at reactors north of Tokyo, Ishibashi said Japan was at risk of a nuclear disaster following a large earthquake, a warning that proved prescient after Fukushima. While it is impossible to predict when earthquakes will happen, Ishibashi said on Tuesday the magnitude 9 quake last year made it more likely “devastating” earthquakes would follow. –Reuters
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10 Responses to Seismologists warn Japan against restarting nuclear reactors

  1. tonic says:

    Alvin, forgive me yet again. There has just been a 6.3 in Xingiang, China. This is not a plate meeting location. Is this normal for an earthquake this size? It occured in the middle of nowhere. There has been foreshocks there for the last few weeks, is it an old fault line?
    Just worried that earthquakes seem to be happening in different places.


    • They are friend. It’s a diffused pattern now…random breakouts across the globe. Not good.


      • tonic says:

        I was afraid you would say this.
        Wonder how long more I can drop into TEP.
        Thanks. as always, I know your time is very scarce for queries.


      • Never to scarce to make time for you. Every trumpet has a certain sound. Every message has its closing and I shall not be here always. Soon the storm will be upon us and the hour will come when no man can work.

        We should avail ourselves of the time at present to become acquainted with the truth and should ask God with deep yearning of heart and soul, “Lord, what wilt thou have me do?” Acts 9:6


  2. tonic says:

    You do not have to ask Him that.
    You have already done it. You have awoken me and many more about whats to come. You have nothing more to do.


  3. El'sFriend says:

    Alvin, thank you for this forum and your insights as well as all the always pertinent posts! You are truly blessed of God. You will continue to share until God decides otherwise. Thank you again for your books. No amount of preparation can prepare us for what is coming, only God will see us through. Thought I’d share this conversation with God:
    I Am the Lord your God. Listen to My voice. This world will soon be no more. Disasters will continue to occur in diverse places around the world. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear of what will come next. Do not be afraid or fear for I am with you. Speak my truth and warn those around you of the end of all things.
    Disaster is coming and the man of sin will soon be revealed. He will claim to speak for Me. He is a liar and the truth is not in him. Do not listen to him or obey him for I Am the Lord your God and you are mine.
    Now is the time to warn the world of my son’s return. Do not delay, time is short. I love you.
    Your loving Father.


  4. Rob says:

    The bigger problem is that the cooling systemS for Reactor 4, at least from aprox. 6am central time until 7pm(that was the last time I heard an update) were NOT opperating. Things may have since changed but that was my last status update recieved 😐


  5. Emanni says:

    Fukushima reactor cooling system suspended: Kyodo

    TOKYO–The cooling system for the spent fuel pool at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant’s No. 4 reactor automatically suspended operation Saturday, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said, Kyodo News reported Saturday.

    The utility known as Tepco has been unable to activate a backup cooling system for the pool and is looking into the cause of the trouble, officials of the plant operator said later in the day, adding it is unlikely the temperature will rise rapidly.

    The water temperature of the pool was 31 C at the time of the suspension at around 6.25 a.m. local time and no leakage of water with radioactive materials has been found, Tepco said.

    The temperature of the pool rose 0.26 C per hour by late Saturday afternoon, according to the utility.

    If Tepco continues to be unable to cool the pool, the temperature could reach 65 C, which is the upper limit designated in the safety regulations, on Tuesday

    Temperature climbing in No. 4 reactor’s pool after cooling system knocked out

    The cooling system of the spent-fuel pool in reactor 4 at the Fukushima No. 1 plant automatically suspended operations Saturday and the water temperature is starting to rise, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.


  6. Emanni says:

    Tepco Nuclear Plant Fukushima, Japan Reactor 4 Demolition!


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