6 Responses to Oil, spies, terror groups, Turkish vengeance: the Syrian nightmare may be just beginning

  1. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    This article says all anyone needs to know about what the true mission has been in the Middle East, and for that matter, why Africa dosen’t matter. Oil=Money=Power=Greed=Pain and suffering for the people. If anyone can actually believe mankind can solve our problems without God’s intervention after reading this is truly an Eternal Optimist


    • EA says:

      Anxiously waiting for the revealing of Prince of Peace and His Kingdom…until then there is no one that can solve our problems. It can be frightening to think all of this is just the beginning of the birthing pains.


  2. International shabbiness reigns yet again!


  3. James says:

    Syria does have a part in end times prophecy. I mentioned Syria in a blog I just posted this morning actually. It is just a matter of when NATO decides to start a war with Syria, not an if.


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    Kamal Ghanaja was not important enough for Israel to have been directly involved in his death.
    Damascus Syria is the oldest continually inhabitated city on earth, it is going to be “utterly destroyed never to be rebuilt again” according to the Bible. [I hope I quoted that correctly.]
    We are truely living in the last days before the return of our Lord Jesus.


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