57: Antarctica’s Mt. Siple volcano awakens with steam plume

June 29, 2012ANTARCTICAMt Siple volcano in Antarctica might have become active and produced a steam plume recently detected on satellite imagery. The latest Smithsonian activity report mentions: “Infrared imagery from the Metop satellite showed a possible rising steam plume from the area of Siple on 20 June. The imagery, as interpreted by Mark Drapes, indicated that the volcano was about -22 degrees Celsius, about 6 degrees warmer that the surrounding landscape, and the base of the plume was about -55 degrees Celsius. –Volcano Discovery
Holocene, but may be first eruptive activity known in modern history
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10 Responses to 57: Antarctica’s Mt. Siple volcano awakens with steam plume

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh …this is not good.


  2. krystal says:

    I’m amazed how earth is changing so fast… that we cannot wrap our heads around it! From what I read about Kansas were once hilly, then New Madrid Fault caused the hills to flatten, people actually witnessed that… I believe before Civil War. I haven’t verified that information, maybe Alvin might know more. I am researching on that.


    • King kevin says:

      Yea I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff about the New Madrid quakes too. It made the Mississippi River run backwards for a while. I live in So. Illinois so it’s something I pay pretty close attention to lol.


  3. Brett says:

    Wasn’t this the storyline behind Alien vs Predator?




  4. tonic says:

    It’s like a catapult being stretched to its limits. A whole heap of energy worldwide ready to unleash.


  5. King kevin says:

    Changes are definitely accelerating. I never thought it would move at a pace like this. Everyday it’s more and more. As far as this goes, seems rare. Have never heard of it anyway. What are the implications of an Antarctic volcano showing activity?? Seems crazy..


  6. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I suppose someone is going to sue God for global warming…. ?


  7. Stefan says:

    Some years ago i had an elderly friend that told me that something terrible would happen to the world after his death. He died two years ago, but there is really something going on on/in our planet Earth. Have something like this happened before ? Has it to do with the possible polarshift ? Has it to do with the placement of the planets in our part of the Universe ? Is it the suns activity that push Earth to its limits ? Have read tons of suggestions about what is going on but nothing seem to be more possible than the other thing… It is interesting and somewhat scary to.


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