Climate unraveling across planet: 1000 record highs broken in U.S. in one week

June 28, 2012CLIMATEHundreds of heat-related records recently have fallen across the United States. In the past week, 1,011 records have been broken around the country, including 251 new daily high temperature records on Tuesday. Tulsa tied its calendar day record high for June 25, 105 degrees, on Monday. The heat is creating consequences ranging from the catastrophic to the comical, from wildfires in the Rocky Mountains to frying bacon on an Oklahoma sidewalk. If forecasts hold, more records could fall in the coming days in the central and western parts of the country. University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver says the current heat wave “is bad now by our current definition,” but that this will be “far more common in the years ahead.” No matter where you are this week, the objective is the same: stay cool. –Tulsa World 
India bakes in lingering heat wave: The sweltering heat wave that had much of North India in a stranglehold for over two months eased marginally today with sporadic showers in many places pushing down the mercury level. A brief spell of light rains in capital Delhi, however, failed to bring much relief with the mercury level stubbornly staying above normal. The maximum temperature was recorded at 40.2 degrees Celsius, three notches above normal, while the minimum settled at 31 degrees Celsius. After simmering for over a month under an intense hot spell, the desert state of Rajasthan heaved a sigh of relief with the mercury level dropping marginally in many places. Churu remained the hottest in the state with a day temperature of 42.3 degrees Celsius, while SriGanganagar and Bikaner recorded maximums of 41.6 and 39.7 degrees Celsius respectively. According to the MeT department the temperature in many parts of the state dropped below 40 degrees Celsius, bringing respite to people. Kota, Barmer and Jaipur recorded a high of 39.4, 39 and 38.7 degrees Celsius respectively, it said. The heat wave ebbed marginally in Punjab and Haryana as well with the temperature recording a drop of up to three notches. However, a high humidity level of up to 60 per cent played spoilsport and forced most people to remain indoors. Amritsar was the hottest in the region with a high of 41.2 degrees Celsius, three notches above normal, while Hisar and Ludhiana recorded maximums of 40.6 degrees and 38.7 degrees Celsius respectively, both a notch each above normal. Among other places, temperatures at Ambala and Patiala settled at an identical high of 38.1 degrees Celsius, a degree above normal, while Chandigarh saw a maximum of 37 degrees Celsius. –IBN
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25 Responses to Climate unraveling across planet: 1000 record highs broken in U.S. in one week

  1. John Durango says:

    hell on earth perhaps we deserve it


  2. Kindred Spirit says:

    …guess I shouldn’t be complaining about it being unseasonably ‘cold & wet’ here in the Pacific Northwest…wish I could send our weather to Colorado right now, though!


  3. Humans Eh! says:

    Huge flooding in Ireland right now, people are dismayed that the emergency services have been overwhelmed, Interesting times ahead as millions of euro/pounds of damage done in such a short space of time. Still the people will ignore climate change as a factor, when their insurance companies write to them next year maybe they might wake up a little.
    No fatalities thankfully but all people are concerned with is the price of their destroyed possessions and who will compensate them..

    Alvin, I am not a religious man, I am just a man of peace and compassion and I would like to thank you for all your work on your enjoyable and interesting site. Keep up the good work and I hope that you endure the times ahead.
    Slán mo chara.


  4. atterro says:

    Fresh, chilling sometimes warm whether here in Danmark.

    Perfectly suitable for me though. Wish we could share some of this weather with the rest.


    I keep on reading your site, 3, 4 times a day. Thank you VERY much for such hard work you’re doing, you’re a blessing.

    Love and happiness to all!


  5. Marie-Louise says:

    I would die in such a heat as my physical constitution can barely take 100 F.

    Alvin, by the way, thanks for all you do and for your perseverance because I know other sites of alternative news which have just folded recently, being sidetracked by trivia or worse now giving ample disinformation, apparently unbeknownst to the webmaster who is being seduced by …


  6. jehjeh007 says:

    Alvin, if you are there. I like you to look at this
    I don’t know if the layers I enabled will stick. If not, enable the “fire” option. The media has been putting out a ozone watch but never said why. Now I know. It appears GOD has sent Colorado some much needed rain. Utah might get some too.


      • jehjeh007 says:

        Exactly sir. Now notice the shift in the stream that normally stay across the lower half of the equator from yesterday to today. During hurricane season no doubt, when the trade winds are normally from east to west. Look at the angle of flow from west to east. It is said, “Who ever controls the weather controls the world” – Allen Bell. I was listening that night when he exposed the “machine” that at that time bieng used by the military (the witness who saw it activated stated). Yes, I am aware that I have no credible proof but this is too big to ignore. The question remains who are “they”?


  7. Dennis E. says:

    Well, here in Eastern North Carolina, we’ve been warned starting about 2:00 PM EST Friday to expect a heat advisory/warning for the weekend in that it is possible for the heat index to reach 115 this weekend through to Monday.


  8. m c says:

    We had no real winter and now the heat is mid 90’s but only for a few days but I got to wonder if we’ll see another dust bowl here in the states.

    The temps overall here are higher than normal and I hate to think of whats coming later in summer when it gets really hot.


  9. TexasRedNeck says:

    Night before last down here outside of Houston, Texas it was still 100 degrees at 9:00 pm


    • jehjeh007 says:

      Hey neighbor, i’m also in Houston and me and the electric co. remember that night very well. The NW side has been getting rain lately. I’m hoping the Lord continues to bless us over here.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      I forgot, please look at the post I sent Alvin directly above on this page with the link and follow the instructions. It may blow your mind, it did mine.


  10. sarah says:

    been realy cold here in new zealand


  11. Lindsay S says:

    It’s 7:50 a.m. in southern Mississippi and the temp is 99 degrees…scary.


  12. Phil says:

    I am still surprised nobody is mentioning the drought.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      Please look at the link I sent Alvin and follow the instructions. In Essence, the drought data is avialible. Yes Phil we are watching the drought, quakes,flooding and errosion.


  13. Suz says:

    We’ve broke all sorts of records this winter and summer so far. Right now we’re in another heat wave……crazy!


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