Flashback: 2010 interview Michael Drosnin speaks of ‘black swan events’ for latter part of 2012

uploaded on Youtube May 2011  – recorded on Coast to Coast in November of 201o
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19 Responses to Flashback: 2010 interview Michael Drosnin speaks of ‘black swan events’ for latter part of 2012

  1. Darlene says:

    Here is a link I just read..another side of the coin http://www.ingermanson.com/codes/books/drosnin2.php


    • Konnie says:

      While there is alot on controversy on the codes and such, I do find it interesting. Thanks for sharing the video….


  2. Debbie says:

    I don’t really trust bible codes either. God has given everything we would need clearly and openly in His word. There’s so much prophecy in The Bible that God has given us openly to warn us so we can be ready. The Holy Spirit is also our teacher. I don’t see where Bible Codes fit in. It doesn’t point to Christ either. Just my views.


  3. andrea says:

    Thanks for the tip, my money goes on Obaba


  4. Aneriz says:

    I am with Darlene, this is rubish.


  5. suz says:

    Black Swan…..one single observation can invalidate a general belief.

    Thanks for posting that side of it Darlene. We’re living in a world of constant debate and disagreement so it’s important to study the different viewpoints before reaching your own conclusion. Even then, it’s best to keep an open mind because new information may transpire.


  6. Jordan says:

    What a load of crap. This is equal to fortune telling and this is clearly a sin and Satanism. It has NOTHING to do with Gods word or the Bible. Those putting faith in it are worshiping Satan.. simple as that. The Bible makes that clear! Just like that guy who keeps predicting the rapture and failing…


    • pagan66 says:

      Sorry Jordan but fortune telling is not Satanism. You are misinformed. Do a search on Satanism before you make such an assumption. If so, ALL the prophets – Biblical or otherwise – who ever lived would be guilty of worshipping the Christian Adversary.


  7. Rob says:

    I hold a somewhat unpoppular view in that I believe that, A) much of the Bible IS in “code” but NOT in the manner that Drosnin would have us believe, more along the line of two words I’m not even sure I’ll spell correctly but hope you get my meaning, being Parrables & Allagories. One scripture I’ll always remember said something like, ‘Let those that have ears, listen & those that have eyes, see’. That B)the Bible we have today is a fir bit off from original writings due to translational errors both intentional & otherwise & C)that there have been “works” found in the 19th & 20th Century that show the Bible to be “incomplete”, in that during The Council of Nycium(again, ?sp) the Political & religeous leaders chose which works to include Political & personal reasons. I know, an unpoppular position, to be sure.


    • pagan66 says:

      Rob, to myself & many, many others you speak true but yes, your view is extremely unpopular to hardliners, fundamentalists & those unbendable Christians who take the known Bible as the complete & only word of God – unchanged & unedited down through the milleniums. Of course much was lost in translation, language itself has changed since the pre Biblical/Biblical eras & of course Man decided which parts of God’s word would be edited, removed, destroyed & added to for political & personal gain so that what we are left with is a completely abridged version which I personally believe is extremely far from the original. It is heartening to see that there are those that question. The Truth SHALL set you free.


  8. jehjeh007 says:

    I came away with nothing from this, accept a man pushing a book. However, the “single dot” in the desert is true. I believe there is more than one (3 to 6). One has been found, unnuked. You have seen them, they produce the spiral lights. They are huge and can carry and dispense all sorts of nasty stuff. The ballistics of these missile however DO have the capabilities to reach Isreal. The question lies in “who has the finance and is willing to arm them”? They are fueled and ready, just waiting for a warhead. This is why Obama installed the defense system right outside Russia aimed straight at the Seberia lands. Obama will win this election and once that happens there will be a physical attack on the president. It may reach the media or it may not. The embarrassment will be one the group that attacks him through only one man will try to take the fall for the rest. The cold-war never ended and now may be uncontrollable.


  9. mtnwolf63 says:

    15 Black Swan Events That Could Destroy The US Economy

    Business Insider, March 6, 2012



  10. Phil says:

    I wish I could watch this….. can anybody give the details



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