El Hierro’s volcanic alert status raised to ‘yellow’ following increase in quake activity

June 27, 2012CANARY ISLANDSSeismic activity has increased on the volcanic island of El Hierro. The INVOLCAN, the Volcanological Institute of the Canaries, and the PEVOLCA (the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk), have raised the alert status in parts of El Hierro to “Yellow.” About 580 earthquakes were registered from Monday to Wednesday. Thirty of them were greater than magnitude 3 on the Richter scale – a level at which they can usually be felt. The volcano 24 hour monitoring network, National Geographic Institute (IGC), recorded a total of 221 earthquakes on the island of El Hierro, specifically in the municipalities of Frontera and El Pinar, on Tuesday June 26. –The Extinction Protocol
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27 Responses to El Hierro’s volcanic alert status raised to ‘yellow’ following increase in quake activity

  1. Rob says:

    There was a relatively recent(last couple of hours, at the outside, IIRC) 4.0 quake there. I can’t recall seeing one smaller than 2.2 recently either. Thank You for the updates. Things sure getting interesting again, Worldwide. Love, Light & Blessings be upon You & ALL who read this 🙂 Stay alert & stay safe everyone!


  2. Frank says:

    If those are harmonic tremors it ain’t good


  3. smdahl says:

    Thanks for the timely updates! Any idea why these earthquake epicenters are aligned in a perfect grid pattern on the maps? This pattern has lasted at least the past 3 days including today: For example http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/ – zoom in on El Hierro to see the pattern…


  4. J Guffey says:

    Sure hope this one settles down. If not, the East Coast of US needs to keep a watch on this.


  5. Lisa says:

    Is it a concern that El Hierro could “wake up” the La Palma Volcano which is the larger tsunami threat?


    • At this point, Lisa, no…but we also don’t know what are the extent of the changes occurring with the volcanic system. As I noted, in The 7th Protocol, the last time there was major activity there, we enter a period of planet-wide geological upheaval.


      • Vegeta9000 says:

        We also need to keep an eye on the west coast too. The “big one” is also a threat!


      • Wiseguy says:

        Alvin, aren’t we already in a planet-wide geological upheaval !!! I’ve been looking at clouds and weather systems for years. For almost 10 years, I’ve never seen so many weird clouds formations and unusual weather systems. I think, everybody are expecting a spectacular catastrophy to confirm the changes, it will happen but everyday there’s something going on…Flash floods, Heatwaves, Forest fires, Hailstorms, Massive animal deaths… It’s happening right now… Be safe and God bless you all !


      • Yes, there is change but nothing like the period I outlined in The 7th Protocol where there was numerous massive volcanic eruptions and large scale earthquakes. This was a time Mt. Tambora exploded in a VEI7 eruption that killed 71,000 people. It was perhaps the most destructive period of catastrophism in modern history and we’re starting to manifest some of the same signs from that period.


    • Theresa says:

      El Hierro holds the same potential as La Palma when it comes to Landslide/Mega Tsunamis. If you look at the map the enitre western side of the island will slide off it this activity continues and the eq’s get larger. That in turn will send a tsunami anywhere from 60 to 200ft. towards the eastern unidted states. depending on the amount of rock dumped into the ocean. There are many youtube videos on this subject and tons of scientific research as well.


  6. Well said, Extinction Protocol. Mt. Tampora was horrific. Some numbers say as high as 117,000 were killed in the blast alone. But the lethal killer came with climate change when an estimated 20% of the planet died of famine in the following ‘Year Without Summer’ in 1816. I believe that was when Mary Shelly was in Switzerland and got snowed in a lowland chalet with friends in July. She wrote Frankenstien and set the novel in the cold. I’m not sure El Heirro is a climate changer like the Iceland volcanoes or Tampora. But if it sheers off the mountain the pressure wake will be horrific on the East Coast. Maybe a 12 hour notice. -DKP


  7. Granny Bear says:

    This is from Earthquake Report
    There are pictures and reports from persons living on the island, as well as others: Do hope the links work…..

    El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 45 – June 15 until …
    Earthquake Report
    This is Part 45 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report. CLICK HERE TO … No earthquakes so far in the vicinity of the eruption cone, only at El Golfo. The HT …

    El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 44 – June 1 until …
    Earthquake Report
    Following the update containing the document from ULPGC, here is the video, showing the volcano at different depth, bubbles and fish swimming along.

    El Hierro Volcano : Green and Yellow alert – 66 earthquakes since midnight UTC + pictures Joke Volta
    (Major) Earthquakes list June 28, 2012
    El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 44 – June 1 until June 14
    El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 45 – June 15 until June 24
    Volcano activity of June 27, 2012 – Canary Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Alaska, Colombia and Tungurahua
    (Complete) Earthquakes list June 26, 2012


  8. jehjeh007 says:

    Thanks, Sandro for the infomation. However, I find it highly unlikely a wave half a mile high would come hit the US, perhaps something was lost in the translation (I assume you are Spanish). I do see the significant of this volcano affecting the US in terms of the ash/debri it could send if the event was to occur before January (US calender). If that was to happen, then the affect would be relatively quick, like 2 to 5 days with very little the US could do about. Like others here, I believe the Iceland and Japan volcanos/faults will be triggered first, then El Hierro.


    • pagan66 says:

      jehjeh007 – Islands of volcanic origin, such as the Canaries, have an especially large potential for triggering a tsunami. That the Canaries constitute a danger was shown 300, 000 years ago when a part of the island El Hierro slid into the sea, triggering a mega tsunami which carried rocks as high as houses for many hundreds of metres into the interior of the east coast of what is today the USA. Can you imagine the size of the wave/waves that could do something like this?



  9. Deb says:

    Today ER report

    Update 28/06 – 13:25 – New PEVOLCA press report (translated by ER)
    We have observed a deformation of the entire island. The center of the deformation originates in the present earthquakes area (see below)
    The energy release and ground deformation show an acceleration of the active magmatic process on the island of El Hierro, according to information forwarded by the National Geographic Institute at the direction of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic risk (PEVOLCA)

    The GPS network solution, measuring the surface strain on the island shows that there is a clear process of inflation, marking an apparent center of pressure in the area where the seismicity is located. The total cumulative displacement from 24 June to 24 hours yesterday, is about 3-4 cm in the horizontal components and 4-5 cm in the vertical component.
    Since the beginning of the new magmatic process on June 24, there have been over 750 earthquakes. An earthquake with a Magnitude 4.0, occurred yesterday at 18:55 pm in the Las Calmas Sea, 2 km from the coast and 20 km deep.

    Be remembered as the seismicity started in the El Golfo bay, then moved to the center of the island, coinciding with the point of intersection of the ridges, and later migrated to the west. Since the 25th of June the seismicity is concentrated in the west and El Julan. From 12:00 hours. On 27th of June, seismicity began to migrate towards the Las Calmas sea.
    Comment ER : Our regular readers will find 1 surprise in this press report (the rest has been treated in many updates) – the even stronger than expected vertical deformation of the island emphasizing the very strong energy below the island (4 to 5 cm).


  10. Deb says:

    I’m going to the BVIs for a sailing vacation on July 9. If the volcano erupts how would it affect the BVI?


  11. I stayed in the Florida Keys with my family for 3 months working on a novel and I peeked at this volcano on Global Incident daily because I used it in another fiction book. As a fellow sailor, the calving off of the island is the threat. If the island comes apart as it started to do in 1949, you’ll have a 12 hour notice and then head east into deep water where the curl of the pressure wake is undeveloped. As to the cataclysm in general, I had to learn to enjoy every day as a gift. But be aware. And enjoy the passions! -DKP


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