9 Responses to Dark night rises over Eurozone as nations squabble over ways to avert crisis

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Is it not interesting that Europe is always under the threat of imploding and all of a sudden, a solution is found? I am thinking about all the news released in the past 90 days regarding the the EURO and bailouts. Doesn’t it sometimes sound like a child who threatens to runaway if they don’t get their way? By the way, has anybody heard anything about Greece lately?
    Just an observation…………….


  2. suz says:

    Europe fiddles around while Italy burns…

    All roads led to Rome for over 1200 years. Rome had some great leaders and did well but then they had a series of bad ones, corrupt and crazy. Rome was also too big….their military not great anymore from corruption and dishonesty as well. Civil War broke out….many were out out of work because Rome used more and more slaves. There was a lack of caring from the rich. Poor were over worked and overtaxed. Prices went up and trade dcreased. People went hungry and that led to disease and death. Farms and govt couldn’t be managed properly and the empire shrank and other countries overran the empire and it became weaker.

    Sound familiar? History just keeps repeating itself. But all the while we do inch forward.

    Rome received a new name … the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire did fine. It lasted for another 1000 years!


  3. Irene C says:

    Okay, since the topic of global economics is over my head, why would a return to the old national currencies be a nightmare for the economy? It seems to me that if each country would be responsible for their own economy and be able to rise or fall by their own decisions, it would save the other countries the burden of someone elses failures. It sounds more logical to me, or am I missing something.

    On the other hand, I feel like there are powers behind the scene that don’t want that to happen because they are look forward towards a one-world currency to go with their one-world government (and one-world religion). Just saying…



  4. EXACTLY Marantha you hit the nail on the head it is unfolding before our very eyes Dear LORD Come Quickly !!!


  5. Simon says:

    Clif High of the webbot project has been talking about this time frame we are about to enter for many months. Clif’s information comes from a clever computer program which he wrote that interprets what people are saying unconsciously, as often this points to future events.

    We do seem to be on the brink of times that will be even harder than they already are. Perhaps for the best long term outcome some nations should emulate Iceland – by which I mean default on debts and even prosecute bankers.

    This will not please everyone, but it will be better than having more bail-outs which just deepen debt and effectively increase the pain. We know that its not possible to repay debts by borrowing more – its time to take off the rose-tinted ‘wishful thinking’ glasses and look at reality.

    Many people see bailouts where taxpayers are then told to pay more tax to cover the funds given to the banks as little more than bank robbery – albeit one where highly paid bankers are taking from funds from hard working taxpayers, who are often far less wealthy than the bankers.



    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      That’s what I told my Senator…If you gave the bail out money to the people they could pay off their bank loans and the banks would get the money but instead you gave it to the banks who STILL want their money from the people too! This was done ON PURPOSE by our so called laeders and all should be held in contempt and treason.


  6. tonic says:

    There was a documentary on tv a few nights ago about Greece and the affects of austerity. Its a country in shock. Things happening there may not appear on the media, but life has become very harsh for the people. Suicides, re-possession, and mass unemployment, protests, are only now kicking in. Left me feeling I had a glimpse of what may soon happen everywhere, and it not pretty.


  7. sKeptical citizen says:

    Shure its bad. However I think the problems with Syria are worse by far. Its likely that World war three has begun. Boy I hope im wrong?


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