100 killed in landslides and flooding, 250,000 dislocated, as heavy torrential rains pound Bangladesh

June 27, 2012BANGLEDESH Landslides and flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 100 people in southern Bangladesh and many more are missing, the government said Wednesday. Officials said the landslides occurred mainly in remote villages with poor roads, making rescue work more difficult. At least 37 died in Cox’s Bazar, 33 in neighboring Bandarban and another 21 in Chittagong, mostly in a series of landslides, the Disaster Management Ministry said. It said soldiers were joining the search for the missing. Three days of pounding torrential rain in the region of small hills and forests dislodged huge chunks of earth which buried flimsy huts where families were sleeping late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Many homeless people live at the foot of the hills or in close proximity to them despite warnings from authorities. Many of the dead were women and children, officials said. In Bandarban an 11-year-old boy was the only member of his family to survive because he was away when mud buried his hut. His parents and three siblings perished. Monsoon floods are common in Bangladesh, a delta nation of 160 million people. Volunteers using loudspeakers warned people about the danger of landslides during the rains, said Jaynul Bari, a government administrator. The floods inundated dozens of villages and were disrupting communications in the region. Flood waters covered many roads and washed away a railway bridge, snapping road and rail links between Dhaka and the three districts. An airport in Chittagong was closed after floodwaters swamped its runway, but reopened Wednesday after the rains stopped, officials said. –BBC Dawn
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7 Responses to 100 killed in landslides and flooding, 250,000 dislocated, as heavy torrential rains pound Bangladesh

  1. Granny Bear says:

    But what do you do, if you are poor? There is nowhere to go. The announcements make it seem that it is your own fault for being ina dangerous place. What the loudspeakers did not say, was where to go instead, Those people did not cause themselves to be killed. Poverty did. Intolerance did.


  2. alex says:

    Alvin how bad does it have to get before we throw everything away and work for each other as humans. I mean would the light ever shine on the corrupted or are we stuck in a dead end where the same old stuff happens. we kill then we event new ways to kill makes no sense when will humans advance.


    • It’s going to get very bad, I’m afraid- worst than what any can imagine but I believe light also shines in the darkest hours of our planet’s history. Despite all of this, we must maintain both our dignity, civility, and humanity as the human heart will grow increasingly more shocking and frigid as the planetary crisis intensifies.

      I tell you all these things so you can brace yourself for what is to shortly break upon the world.



    • suz says:

      I believe we always go forward, never backward….even if it’s just a little step forward.

      Prepare yourself to face the end of your life and what might come afterwards. Don’t live with regrets or leave things unsaid.

      Be ready to leave the world when your time comes.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    According to “info please” The country is a low lying riverine land traversed by many branches an tributaries of the ganges and brahmaputra rivers. It is also a common occurrence for monsoon rains, cyclones and frequent floods to occur in this delta region.
    Not being able to truly verify, I read a spot report that Bangladesh was sinking?
    and we go forward from here……………


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