5 Responses to Stockton, California to take up bankruptcy budget plan

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    “About $7 million in savings would come from cutting retiree health care benefits for one year and then phasing them out.”

    Blimey. Does that mean cutting off healthcare for these people altogether? Sorry Alvin, this scares the living daylights outa me.


    • Scary, California may be trying to beat the rush on large municipalities going bankrupt. I think we all shudder at plan D.


    • Irene C says:

      I agree. What I want to know, how many salaries from the city workers were lowered, including the administrators? How many cushy benefits were eliminated from their packages? (I know that our city was giving their workers memberships to the Y, saying healthy workers will mean less insurance payouts meaning lower premiums. I can’t afford a membership to the Y.) Of course the city was in financial trouble at the time. Created quite a stir with the public.

      But I would hate to have worked for anyone a good portion of my life, thinking I would not have to worry about healthcare when I retired, only to yank it away when I needed it most. But then, we always have Obamacare. (Guess I’m outta luck. 😉 )

      Alvin, I do agree that they’re beating the rush. I heard about this on the news while I was at work and thought the same thing. I guess my song will continue to be “Livin’ on a Prayer”.



  2. Emanni says:

    Sacramento and the State of California are right behind.


  3. Julie Barlow says:

    The first domino has fallen…………..next.


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